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Sydney, Nov 10: A recent study by online trading provider City Index delves into the social media buzz around stock investments, revealing Disney as the most discussed company on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.
The study, which analyzed all companies in the S&P 500 based on content creation and views, provides insights into the public’s perception of various stocks.
Disney emerges as the star of social media conversations, boasting the highest number of videos published and viewed, along with the most hashtags across TikTok and Instagram.
The study notes a staggering 80 million views for videos with hashtags like #disneystock, #disneystocks, or #disneyshares, making Disney the most talked-about company among the 500 included in the analysis.
The entertainment giant’s share price has hovered around $85 in recent weeks, a significant drop from its all-time high above $200 in March 2021.
The decrease followed the reopening of California theme parks as COVID restrictions eased.
Securing the second spot, Netflix enjoys over 13 million video views on TikTok and Instagram.
The streaming service takes center stage in 1,384 videos discussing its financial performance, accompanied by 4,635 hashtags like #netflixstock, #netflixstocks, or #netflixshares.
Amazon claims the third spot in the ranking, garnering more than 5.9 million video views, 17,278 hashtags, and 725 published videos.
The e-commerce giant reported net sales of $134.4 billion for the second quarter of 2023, with a steadily rising share price currently at around $128.
Social media’s fourth-favorite stock, Tesla, attracts attention with 739 videos and over two million views. The electric car company’s 1,898 hashtags highlight the public’s interest in its stocks and shares.
Tesla’s share price sits around $260, with a market capitalization of $813 billion, second only to Amazon in the top five.
Walmart secures the fifth spot, boasting more than 4.7 million video views and 2,570 dedicated hashtags discussing its financial performance.
The top ten list is rounded out by Costco, Microsoft, 3M, Nike, and Starbucks, showcasing the diverse range of companies capturing social media attention.
City Index’s spokesperson commented on the findings, stating, “This data paints a fascinating picture of which companies’ financial performance attracts the most interest, excitement, and discussion on social media.
The companies at the top of the list are some of the biggest brands in the world, highlighting how the general public is most comfortable approaching the complex world of the stock market through familiar businesses and brands.”
The study reflects a strong appetite for advice and guidance on trading, evident in the total of over 117 million views on videos related to the top ten companies.
As trading becomes more accessible to individuals outside the finance industry, and with the rise of so-called ‘meme stocks’ over the past two years, the discussion on the best trading and investment opportunities is expected to continue evolving on social media.
Conducted by City Index, an award-winning, multi-asset financial services provider with 40 years of experience, the study sheds light on the public’s perception of stock investments through the lens of social media.

Top Ten Most Popular Stocks on Social Media:

  1. Disney
    • Videos Published: 6,151
    • Total Video Views: 79,232,246
    • Hashtags: 44,177
  2. Netflix
    • Videos Published: 1,384
    • Total Video Views: 13,475,808
    • Hashtags: 4,635
  3. Amazon
    • Videos Published: 725
    • Total Video Views: 5,918,017
    • Hashtags: 17,278
  4. Tesla
    • Videos Published: 739
    • Total Video Views: 2,015,286
    • Hashtags: 1,898
  5. Walmart
    • Videos Published: 297
    • Total Video Views: 4,733,581
    • Hashtags: 2,570
  6. Costco
    • Videos Published: 333
    • Total Video Views: 5,928,615
    • Hashtags: 1,385
  7. Microsoft
    • Videos Published: 312
    • Total Video Views: 1,950,336
    • Hashtags: 1,944
  8. 3M
    • Videos Published: 315
    • Total Video Views: 1,653,844
    • Hashtags: 2,000
  9. Nike
    • Videos Published: 245
    • Total Video Views: 1,308,044
    • Hashtags: 1,225
  10. Starbucks
    • Videos Published: 165
    • Total Video Views: 1,714,216
    • Hashtags: 725

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