Cup 49 DIY Bubble Tea Review

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By June Ramli

I had the wonderful opportunity to explore the Cup 49 DIY bubble tea kit, generously sent to me by its founder, Serene Lim, based in Melbourne.
Let’s dive into the details of this exciting kit that promises to bring the joy of bubble tea to your home.

Unbox Your Bubble Tea Adventure
What you get in the Cup 49 Bubble tea box.

Unboxing the Cup 49 Kit

My initial impression was sheer amazement at the array of items neatly packed in this sizeable box.
The unboxing experience is best captured in my video, where you can see the kit’s contents.
Besides a variety of teas, pearls, and straws, I was pleasantly surprised by a non-plastic, non-glass bubble tea tumbler.
The kit even includes a tool for keeping the tumbler clean and a helpful postcard with instructions for crafting the perfect bubble tea.

Craft Your Perfect Bubble Tea
Craft Your Perfect Bubble Tea by scanning the QR code for recipes.

Chatime Origins and Quality

If you’re a fan of Chatime’s bubble tea, you’ll be delighted to know that the Chatime franchise hails from Taiwan, the birthplace of bubble tea.
Taiwanese products are renowned for their exceptional quality, heavily influenced by Japanese standards.
This DIY kit also originates from Taiwan, assuring top-tier quality.

Craft Your Perfect Bubble Tea
Experience bubble tea bliss at home with this DIY kit.

The DIY Experience

For my inaugural bubble tea-making venture at home, I decided to create a fruit tea, which turned out delicious but slightly sweeter than I preferred.
My only fault was not adjusting the sugar level to my taste – a rookie mistake.
I’ve always frequented Chatime outlets, primarily enjoying their milk tea-based drinks.
However, for the sake of a comprehensive review, I stepped out of my comfort zone and explored new flavours.
Creating bubble tea is a delightful experience, with no strict rules to follow.
While recipe guides are provided, you’re encouraged to experiment with the ingredients until you achieve your ideal blend.

Cup49: Your DIY Bubble Tea Solution.
Cup 49: Your DIY Bubble Tea Solution.

Cup 49: A Fun and Cost-effective Choice

Cup 49 offers an excellent opportunity to bond with friends and family while mixing your own bubble tea before a movie night or as a delightful gift for your loved ones.
It’s also a wise money-saving option.
You can keep the ingredients for a while, making multiple drinks from the Cup 49 stash.
As a dedicated bubble tea lover, I highly recommend giving Cup 49 a try.
It’s not just a delicious drink; it’s an experience that brings the charm of Taiwan’s bubble tea culture to your home.
Whether you’re a seasoned bubble tea enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of homemade bubble tea, Cup 49 promises delightful moments and endless possibilities in crafting your perfect bubble tea.

Experience Bubble Tea Bliss at Home
Experience Bubble Tea Bliss at Home with CUP 49.

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