Rainbow Lorikeet Dominates

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Sydney, Nov 2: BirdLife Australia, renowned for its dedication to bird conservation in the country, has unveiled the preliminary results for this year’s Aussie Bird Count.
The colourful Rainbow Lorikeet has once again emerged as the most counted bird, surpassing the Noisy Miner by a significant margin, with the iconic Australian Magpie following closely behind.
With a total of over 80,000 participants, more than 3.6 million birds were counted during the week-long event.
This remarkable citizen science initiative saw over 100,000 checklists submitted and the observation of a whopping 658 bird species.
Sean Dooley, BirdLife Australia’s National Public Affairs Manager, expressed his delight at the overwhelming response to the Aussie Bird Count, saying, “The enthusiasm with which Australians have taken to the Aussie Bird Count has been outstanding.”
For the past decade, the Aussie Bird Count has played a pivotal role in raising awareness of Australia’s diverse birdlife and has inspired countless individuals across the country to connect with nature.
“In addition to being good for our mental health, bird watching is often the first step towards nature conservation. We can’t protect something if we don’t know how it is faring in the first place,” added Dooley.
The importance of this initiative cannot be overstated, particularly at a time when nearly one in six bird species in Australia faces the looming threat of extinction due to factors like climate change, habitat loss, fires, and invasive species.
Data gathered from initiatives like the Aussie Bird Count are indispensable for BirdLife Australia to inform its conservation priorities and insights.
These insights will help shape a comprehensive Bird Conservation Strategy, with the ambitious goals of preventing bird extinctions by 2032 and reversing overall bird population declines by 2050.
The preliminary results from the Aussie Bird Count will undergo a thorough examination by BirdLife Australia’s avian experts.
A comprehensive data release is scheduled for December this year, offering even deeper insights into the fascinating world of Australian birdlife.
As we eagerly await the full release of the data, it’s clear that the Aussie Bird Count has become a beacon of hope for avian conservation, uniting Australians in their efforts to protect these remarkable creatures.
To learn more about Australia’s most extensive citizen science event, please visit aussiebirdcount.org.au.

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