Origins of RPG ‘Broken Roads

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Melbourne, Nov 1: Independent game developer Drop Bear Bytes, in partnership with Versus Evil, has unveiled a tantalizing glimpse into one of the player character origin stories within their highly anticipated isometric RPG, “Broken Roads.”
With the game’s launch on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One just around the corner on November 14th, this sneak peek into the world of “Broken Roads” has generated considerable excitement among gaming enthusiasts.
Meet the Hired Gun: “Broken Roads” invites players to traverse the Australian post-apocalyptic outback as they choose one of four distinct character classes: Hired Gun, Barter Crew, Jackaroo, and Surveyor. The recently released video delves into the life of the Hired Gun, a character moulded by a harsh upbringing.
Trained as a sharpshooter by their authoritarian parents, who lived by the maxim, “a hungry kid shoots better,” the Hired Gun now embarks on a solitary quest to navigate the enigmatic world they inhabit. Gamers can experience the Hired Gun’s journey firsthand in the “Broken Roads” demo, available on Steam.

Post-apocalyptic narrative-driven RPG Broken Roads reveals new character origins video.

Unveiling “Broken Roads”: “Broken Roads” is a narrative-driven RPG that seamlessly blends exploration, strategic turn-based combat, and impactful philosophical choices within a distinctive Australian post-apocalyptic setting.
Offering a classless character development system, the game allows players to shape their characters around four core philosophies: Humanist, Utilitarian, Machiavellian, and Nihilist.
Furthermore, the game introduces a novel morality system, the Moral Compass, where a character’s philosophy influences and is influenced by their dialogue choices and quest decisions.
An Authentic Australian Experience: “Broken Roads” prides itself on the authenticity of its in-game locations, meticulously recreated from field visits to towns and landmarks in Western Australia.
These visits, documented through photos, videos, and audio recordings, lend a genuine touch to the game’s setting.
The game’s atmospheric soundtrack, composed by Tim Sunderland, utilizes instruments crafted from everyday objects, resulting in a truly distinctive tone.
With its enticing blend of traditional and innovative role-playing elements, “Broken Roads” allows players to shape their character’s destiny within a beautifully rendered post-apocalyptic Australian landscape. As the release date approaches, anticipation is building for this immersive RPG experience.
Stay updated with the latest developments on “Broken Roads” by visiting the official Drop Bear Bytes website.

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