Epson’s Ethical AI Commitment

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Sydney, Oct 31: In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to play an increasingly significant role in society, Epson, the renowned technology company, has taken a proactive stance by announcing its Group AI Ethical Principles.
These principles lay the foundation for a harmonious coexistence between humans and AI, aligning with the company’s vision of fostering a human-centered society.
The emergence of AI technologies promises to revolutionize various aspects of life, influencing the way people make decisions and engage with the world.
Epson recognizes the transformative potential of AI and aims to harness it responsibly.
The Group has outlined a set of ethical guidelines to ensure the positive impact of AI on society.

1. Coexistence of Humans and AI

Epson’s first principle underscores the importance of using AI to address societal challenges while taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. The company envisions AI as a tool to support and expand human capabilities, all while being mindful of social diversity and fundamental human rights.

2. Creating New AI Value through Co-Creation

Epson is committed to fostering open dialogue and collaboration with various stakeholders involved in AI research, development, operation, and utilization. By building relationships founded on mutual trust, the company seeks to unlock AI’s full potential and accelerate innovation.

3. Fair, Trustworthy, and Accountable AI

To ensure the equitable and reliable use of AI, Epson is dedicated to preventing AI from causing unfair discrimination. Additionally, the company will strive to provide transparency regarding the rationale behind AI-driven decisions, making them understandable to humans. Epson aims to address stakeholders’ concerns and maintain stable delivery of AI-based products and services to society.

4. Safe and Secure Data Distribution

Epson is vigilant about the privacy and security aspects of AI-based products and services. The company has vowed to consider data protection and implement systems for the responsible collection, use, and sharing of personal information. This approach ensures data traceability and safeguards against unauthorized access to personal data, prioritizing safety and security.

5. Contribution to the Spread of Responsible AI

As part of its commitment to fostering responsible AI, Epson has embarked on initiatives to enhance AI literacy among its employees. Furthermore, the company is designing services that account for diversity, aiming to lead in the responsible proliferation of AI.
Epson’s Group AI Ethical Principles embody a forward-thinking approach towards AI’s integration into society. By promoting ethical, responsible, and transparent AI practices, Epson seeks to set a standard for coexistence between humans and AI and drive the development of AI technologies that benefit all of humanity. These principles lay the groundwork for a future where AI is a positive force for change, enabling progress while respecting human values and rights.

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