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Welcome to our ‘News In Brief’ column in which we digest all the news releases for you in no more than five paragraphs. Below are snippets of all the media releases we received from Oct 30 till the end of the week.

JMI Secures RM 3.5M Contract

Datuk Tay Chor Han
Datuk Tay Chor Han

Kuala Lumpur, Oct 30: Bintai Kinden Corporation Berhad (BKCB) announced that its subsidiary, Johnson Medical International Sdn. Bhd (JMI), has secured a RM 3.5 million contract with Blackfox Engineering Sdn. Bhd (BFESB).
The contract involves the supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of a Pendant System for the 300-bed Hospital Petrajaya in Kuching, Sarawak.
BKCB’s Managing Director and CEO, Datuk Tay Chor Han, expressed optimism about JMI’s capabilities and the potential for further high-value projects.
This contract adds to JMI’s portfolio, which includes projects like Hospital Tanjong Karang, Hospital UTAR, Hospital Cyberjaya, and Hospital Putrajaya, among others. The 380-day contract is expected to positively impact the Company’s financials for the years ending in March 2024 and March 2025.

Underinsurance Warning for Businesses

Sydney, Oct 31: As the ‘silly season’ approaches, small businesses in Australia are being cautioned about the potentially devastating impact of underinsurance.
According to a 2022 survey by Vero, 57 per cent of small and medium businesses are not fully covered for their business risks, with many lacking alternative plans if a negative event occurs. With the holiday season often bringing changes in business operations and increased trading, underinsurance could prove particularly risky.
Brad Miller, General Manager of BizCover, advises small business owners to review their insurance coverage to ensure they are adequately protected.
Underinsurance, which is prevalent year-round, may become more pronounced during the summer rush.

Zoom AI Expansion

Sydney, Oct 31: Zoom AI Companion, the generative AI assistant by Zoom Video Communications, is celebrating remarkable growth with over 125,000 users in under two months since its launch.
This expansion comes with the addition of new capabilities, extended language support, and enhanced functionality.
Smita Hashim, Zoom’s Chief Product Officer, emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering value by offering AI Companion at no extra cost, making innovative tools accessible and efficient for users.
Innovations include the introduction of in-meeting questions in multiple languages and more concise meeting summaries.
In November, Zoom plans to further enrich AI Companion with expanded language support, meeting coach capabilities, and integration with Zoom Events. Customizable controls for organizations will also be introduced.
Positive feedback from users highlights AI Companion’s time-saving attributes and efficiency enhancements, making it a valuable tool for improved communication and meeting efficiency.
AI Companion is available at no extra cost for eligible paid Zoom users, aligning with Zoom’s commitment to enhancing communication and meeting efficiency.
Visit the Zoom website for more details.

SailPoint Boosts Security

SailPoint Boosts Security.

Kuala Lumpur, Oct 31: SailPoint Technologies, a leader in enterprise identity security, has unveiled SailPoint Data Access Security, a groundbreaking addition to its Identity Security Cloud.
This innovative solution is designed to help organizations effectively manage and protect access to critical data while providing a unified perspective on access across enterprise applications and unstructured data.
In today’s data-driven landscape, securing access to unstructured data is more crucial than ever. Unstructured data, often stored in files, presents a unique challenge for organizations.
Without proper visibility into where this data resides and who can access it, companies face potential security blind spots.
Grady Summers, EVP of Product at SailPoint, highlighted the complexity of managing access to critical data separately from application access and emphasized the need for automation.
SailPoint Data Access Security empowers modern enterprises to control permissions to critical data, identify and classify data intelligently, centralize governance controls, streamline identity and data security efforts, protect privileged access, and enable data-inclusive access models.
For more details on SailPoint’s latest solutions, visit SailPoint Technologies.

Aistetic Joins eBay Accelerator

Aistetic Joins eBay Accelerator
Aistetic Joins eBay Accelerator.

Oxford, Nov 1: Aistetic, an Oxford University AI spinout, has been selected to participate in the Techstars Future of E-commerce Accelerator, powered by eBay.
Only 0.5 per cent of applicants cut, making this a remarkable achievement.
In partnership with eBay, the Techstars Future of E-commerce Accelerator brings together innovation and ecommerce expertise.
Aistetic is set to revolutionize the fashion ecommerce industry with its AI solution, providing accurate 3D body avatars and personalized sizing recommendations via mobile devices. This technology eliminates the uncertainty of online clothing shopping and integrates seamlessly with brands and retailers.
Aistetic is on a mission to enhance the ecommerce experience, and this collaboration will provide the expertise and resources to achieve that goal.
Learn more about the Techstars Future of Ecommerce Accelerator powered by eBay here.

Avanade’s AI-Ready Platform

Sydney, Nov 1: Avanade, a leading Microsoft solutions provider, has introduced “Avanade Cloud Impact,” a powerful platform designed to help businesses establish an AI-ready digital core while unlocking funds for innovation.
This platform employs AI and machine learning to analyze data sources and generate tailored modernization solutions, saving clients up to 50 per cent on cloud expenses.
As cloud consumption skyrockets, many companies struggle to optimize their cloud investments. Avanade Cloud Impact tackles this challenge by analyzing cloud consumption patterns, comparing them with various data sources, and offering insights, modernization recommendations, and cost-benefit analysis.
It enables CIOs to run business-critical applications securely and achieve significant cost savings, all without the need for code changes.
Andrew Stahel, Regional Applications and Infrastructure Solution Area Lead at Avanade Australia highlighted the platform’s role in strengthening the digital core for Australian businesses. Avanade is committed to helping clients embrace an AI-first business approach, offering qualifying clients a free introductory cost optimization workshop.

2024 John Monash Scholars

Melbourne, Nov 1: The John Monash Scholarships for 2024 have been awarded to sixteen outstanding Australians, marking the Foundation’s 20th year of selecting scholars.
These scholars will study abroad in fields like medicine, arts, engineering, business, law, mathematics, science, and Indigenous affairs.
The United Kingdom and the United States are the preferred study destinations.
In a significant expansion of national support, the Queensland Government has awarded its first-ever John Monash Scholar, Famin Ahmed, a pro bono lawyer dedicated to preventing domestic violence.
The John Monash Scholarships are named in honour of General Sir John Monash and are backed by various Australian entities, including the Commonwealth Government, BHP, Rio Tinto, the Commonwealth Bank, and several individuals.
The Chairman of the General Sir John Monash Foundation, Jillian Segal AO, welcomed the new scholars and expressed gratitude to the Queensland Government for their support.
The Chairman of the Foundation’s National Selection Panel, Professor Paul Wellings CBE, praised the 2024 scholars as stand-out candidates, selected from a competitive pool representing various Australian institutions.
The Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, Paul Ramadge, noted that the 2024 Scholars embody academic excellence and leadership qualities, expanding the John Monash community to 264 Scholars.

2023 Australian Geographic Society Awards

Sydney, Nov 1: The Australian Geographic Society has unveiled the remarkable winners of the 2023 Australian Geographic Society Awards. These awards celebrate extraordinary achievements in the fields of adventure, conservation, and exploration. Let’s meet the distinguished recipients:

  • Lifetime of Conservation: Brigitte Stevens from Adelaide, SA, founder of the Wombat Awareness Organisation, dedicated to protecting Southern hairy-nosed wombats.
  • Lifetime of Adventure: Dr Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan from Yackandandah, VIC, are renowned wingsuit pilots and holders of multiple world records.
  • Adventurer of the Year: Dr Richard Barnes from Sydney, NSW, achieved a solo, non-stop, and unassisted kayak crossing of the Tasman Sea.
  • Conservationist of the Year: Karrina Nolan from Melbourne, VIC, Executive Director of Original Power, was recognized for her exceptional leadership in conservation.
  • Young Adventurer of the Year: Lewi Taylor from Hobart, Tasmania, conquered 158 of Tasmania’s challenging mountains for a noble cause.
  • Spirit of Adventure: Dr. Kate Leeming OAM from Melbourne, VIC, is renowned for her extensive long-distance cycling expeditions worldwide.

These awards have been honouring individuals who have dedicated their lives to adventure, exploration, and conservation since 1987.

Jinny’s Kitchen: Team Building Premiere

Jinny’s Kitchen: Team Building Premiere.

Singapore, Nov 1: Prime Video is set to launch Jinny’s Kitchen: Team Building on November 12, featuring Jinny’s Kitchen’s cast members in two special episodes.
The fun-filled episodes showcase the cast reuniting to enhance teamwork and communication after running a Korean snack restaurant in Bacalar, Mexico.
Prime Video subscribers in Malaysia and over 240 countries can enjoy the show, except South Korea and China.
The episodes promise laughter, entertaining challenges, and competitive games, continuing the global success of Jinny’s Kitchen.
This addition joins Prime Video’s extensive catalogue of shows and films, offering a wide range of content for viewers.

FedEx Enhances Vietnam-Malaysia Route

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 1: FedEx Express (FedEx), a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and one of the world’s largest express transportation companies is enhancing its services between Vietnam and Malaysia, as well as other markets in Asia, the Middle East, Africa (AMEA) and Europe, with a new flight offering faster transit times starting on Oct 31.
The new flight will utilize a dedicated B767 freighter, operating four evenings a week from Ho Chi Minh City, connecting Asia and Europe through the FedEx Asia Pacific Hub in Guangzhou, China. Southeast Asia’s manufacturing hubs are experiencing growth and diversification, incorporating increasingly higher-value goods and services.
Multilateral free trade agreements are also forging close-knit ties that aid in making the region an increasingly vital trading partner.
“The improved transit time from Vietnam to Malaysia will encourage more trade between the two markets,” said Tien Long Woon, managing director of FedEx Express Malaysia.
“This is crucial considering the growing trade between the two countries, which reached USD19.44 billion in 2022, making Vietnam the tenth-largest trading partner of Malaysia.
This service enhancement is part of our continuous efforts to provide Malaysian businesses with differentiated solutions that enable them to expand to more overseas markets.”

Stella Acquires PTM

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 2: Stella Holdings Berhad, a significant player in construction and property development, received unanimous shareholder approval for its acquisition of Pembinaan Teguh Maju Sdn Bhd (PTM).
PTM’s acquisition, valued at RM380 million, will add substantial value to Stella, with RM1.16 billion in outstanding orders.
An additional private placement of up to 50 million shares was approved to raise RM40 million. Stella Holdings Berhad will also rebrand as Varia Berhad.

Airbnb Partners Malaysia Urban Forum

Kuching, Nov 2: Airbnb is set to become the official e-accommodation partner for the Malaysia Urban Forum (MUF) 2023 in Kuching, Sarawak.
The partnership, established with Urbanice Malaysia, aims to provide flexible travel accommodation options for the event.
MUF 2023, organized by Urbanice Malaysia, focuses on sustainability and urbanization.
With an expected 3,000 visitors, Airbnb’s collaboration will help address accommodation challenges for this large-scale forum and encourage participation in the sharing economy.
Airbnb’s partnership with the event aligns with its mission to empower locals and drive economic activity. Airbnb’s platform benefits both hosts and guests by offering unique accommodation experiences, as highlighted by an Airbnb host in Kuching, Mohammad Ariff Bin Arbi.

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