Cup 49’s DIY Bubble Tea

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Sydney, Oct 30: Four years ago, entrepreneur Serene Lim embarked on a mission to combat the environmental impact of single-use plastic cups in the bubble tea industry.
Witnessing the mass production of 48 bubble teas per hour at a single store, she aimed to create the “49th cup,” an ever-reusable bubble tea cup.
However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, her craving for bubble tea and the high costs associated with delivery services led her to develop the innovative idea of do-it-yourself (DIY) bubble tea kits in her reusable cups.
“The Uber Eats Bubble Tea cost me $15.49.
I still ordered it as I craved it so much.
That is how the bubble tea kit idea was born.
We use the same ingredients that bubble tea shops use. I started sourcing the goods and made the kits,” Lim said.
She reached out to her network in the food industry, conducting research, negotiating prices, and eventually launching her first matcha milk tea kit in late 2019.

Cup49's DIY Bubble Tea
Cup 49’s DIY Bubble Tea.

Over time, Cup 49 expanded its product line to offer over 1,000 flavour combinations.
Cup 49 quickly built a community of over 30,000 enthusiastic supporters.
Lim emphasized the importance of their community, stating, “Our community is so supportive and loving. They really love our products. Our community is very strong and close-knit. We give them what they ask for.”
Cup 49’s DIY bubble tea kits can be prepared at home or the office, making it an affordable and customizable alternative to store-bought bubble tea.
The business, which operates with a team of five, achieves an annual turnover of $1 million.
The company utilized platforms like TikTok and social media to share engaging and educational content about bubble tea, contributing to its growth.
One of their recent bestsellers is the mystery box, a curated selection of their products offered at a great value.
“Our recent bestseller is our mystery box. We launched it because it was something that the community asked for, so we made it happen, and they’re loving it!
“It makes the perfect gift because it’s a curated box that’s worth more than what you pay,” Lim said.
Cup 49 has now made its way into over 30,000 households in Australia, the US, New Zealand, and Canada.
Moreover, the company proudly reports that it has saved 100,000 plastic cups from ending up in landfills, making a meaningful impact on environmental sustainability.

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