Discovering Launceston’s Hotel Verge

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By June Ramli

Launceston, Oct 25: In the heart of Tasmania, Hotel Verge Launceston stands as a symbol of modern comfort and relaxation.
It’s a destination that not only caters to the needs of its guests but also paints a vivid picture of the unique Tasmanian lifestyle.
Niel Mason, the hotel’s General Manager, has an inspiring international background, and his journey in the hospitality industry has woven a rich tapestry of experiences across continents.
Born in Africa and raised in Canada, Mason’s early years were marked by a globetrotting adventure. However, it was his travels in Australia that left an indelible mark.
Mason arrived in Adelaide, commencing a remarkable journey that would lead him to various Australian cities, including Darwin, Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, and the Gold Coast, and even further afield to Hawaii.
After an extended voyage through the continent, he eventually found his way to Tasmania.
Six months ago, Mason took up his role as the General Manager of Hotel Verge Launceston, marking yet another milestone in his captivating journey.
The move to Tasmania was driven by his wife’s wish to make it their next home.
Falling in love with the island’s unique way of life, Mason embraced a more relaxed and tranquil lifestyle.
Hotel Verge Launceston, only just three years old, is a sanctuary for both business and leisure travelers.
The 85-room property is strategically positioned to serve corporate clients during the week, with a high number of single travelers staying for one to three nights.
However, when the weekend arrives, the hotel transforms into a hub for leisure travelers exploring the region.
The property boasts two spacious conference rooms that see frequent use, providing ample space and natural light for work or gatherings.
Visitors can engage in bushwalking, vineyard tours, and river exploration afterward.
Tasmania offers a wealth of outdoor experiences that make it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts.
Mason’s role extends beyond the confines of the hotel.
Recently appointed as a director at the Northern Tourism Tasmanian board, he now serves as the treasurer for the board.
This new responsibility allows him to actively contribute to the development of the tourism industry in Tasmania, promoting the region’s unique and captivating offerings to visitors.
According to Mason, Launceston is an ideal place for travelers who want to experience a Tasmanian lifestyle and explore the region’s natural beauty.
He suggests that tourists explore Cataract Gorge and savor the city’s exceptional local cuisine, deeming it a standout aspect of the Launceston experience.

Neil Mason seen here at the hotel he currently manages.
Neil Mason is seen here at the hotel he currently manages in Launceston.

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