AutoStore Unveils R5 Pro

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Singapore, Oct 23: AutoStore™, a prominent robotic technology company, has unveiled the R5 Pro Robot, the latest version of its proven R5 Robot, tailored to meet the demands of large-scale e-commerce operations.
This innovative robotic solution is designed to enhance space utilization, performance, and cost-efficiency, particularly for companies running extensive multishift operations.
Carlos Fernandez, Chief Product Officer at AutoStore, acknowledges the increasing demand for high-throughput systems in the e-commerce sector.
He emphasized that the R5 Pro offers a competitive edge by increasing productivity per Robot during extended operations, optimizing space usage, and reducing the total cost of ownership.
The R5 Pro Robot caters to the needs of e-commerce organizations with large-scale multishift operations, introducing key features and benefits.
One of the key advantages is enhanced productivity.
Deploying the R5 Pro at large AutoStore sites enables customers to reduce the number of Robots required on the same grid by up to 15 percent compared to using the R5 Robot.
This leads to more efficient routing and improved system efficiency.
Additionally, the use of an LTO (Lithium-Titanium Oxide) battery in the R5 Pro allows for rapid charging, improving individual Robot availability during multishift operations.
This means operations can run continuously with minimal downtime, contributing to higher productivity.
Moreover, the R5 Pro Robot promotes space and cost optimization.
The LTO battery reduces the number of chargers required by up to 86 percent.
This efficiency creates more effective warehouse space usage, allowing for additional SKU storage or reducing the physical footprint of operations.
Importantly, it results in significant cost savings related to electrical infrastructure.
Carlos Fernandez, Chief Product Officer at AutoStore, added that the introduction of the R5 Pro enhances AutoStore’s market position and the value proposition for customers with extensive systems and high throughput operations.
These operations are characterized by extended operating hours and a substantial robot count.
Tobias Sjölin, CTO of Fulfilment and Logistics at Boozt expressed enthusiasm about the R5 Pro, emphasizing the potential benefits it offers to large AutoStore systems.
He highlighted the ability to reduce charging time during multishift operations, which has the potential to significantly improve productivity.
A higher productivity rate per robot could result in fewer robots and chargers needed to achieve the required throughput and allow for the storage of more SKUs within the existing grid.
In the long term, these incremental savings can contribute to maintaining competitiveness.
Philipp Schitter, Vice President of Business Development APAC at AutoStore, discussed the growth of the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia.
He noted that the R5 Pro could address the increasing demands of e-commerce while also reducing the carbon footprint of warehouses.
The R5 Pro would help businesses in the region manage the e-commerce surge while maintaining productivity and operational efficiency.

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