Pub and Payment Revolutions

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Sydney, Oct 16: In the dynamic worlds of food, drink, and retail, two innovative platforms are bringing exciting changes for Australians.
“The Happiest Hour” and “Adyen” have joined forces to revolutionize the way people experience food and drink offers, and retail payments in the country.

The Happiest Hour App aids Aussie Pub Renaissance.
The Happiest Hour App aids Aussie Pub Renaissance.

Happiest Hour: Food & Drink

Joonas Karppinen, co-founder of “The Happiest Hour,” believes that Australia boasts some of the world’s best pubs with great happy hours and weekly food specials. However, finding these special offers was often challenging until “The Happiest Hour” stepped in.
Launched in 2004, “The Happiest Hour” provided an email database service for users who wanted to receive updates on the latest pub specials in their area. Pub managers shared their offers, and the platform forwarded these to their database. As smartphones gained popularity in the late 2000s, “The Happiest Hour” developed a user-friendly app to help users find the most relevant pub specials. Over the years, they accumulated over 250,000 organic app downloads and supported 150,000 monthly searches.
COVID-19 significantly impacted the hospitality industry, prompting “The Happiest Hour” to relaunch its platform after a two-year shutdown. The platform now partners with over 1,000 pubs in Sydney and Melbourne, with plans for national expansion.
Joonas Karppinen emphasizes that the impact of COVID-19 resulted in a shift of over $1 billion in revenue from on-premise dining in pubs to food delivery. “The Happiest Hour” aims to support local pubs and return a substantial portion of this revenue to on-premise dining. It also seeks to encourage Australians to go out and socialize with family and friends, recognizing that these connections are essential for happiness.

Adyen Enables iPhone Tap

Adyen, a global financial technology platform, is partnering with Australian retailers to introduce “Tap to Pay on iPhone.”
This groundbreaking technology offers customers a secure, private, and convenient way to make contactless payments using only an iPhone and the Adyen app.
Businesses such as R.M. Williams, Lorna Jane, and Munro Footwear Group have already embraced this innovation. Customers can now complete transactions using their iPhones and the NewStore Associate iOS app without requiring additional hardware.
By holding their contactless payment near the merchant’s iPhone, customers can complete payments securely through NFC technology.
This transformative payment method simplifies in-person transactions, eliminates the need for extra payment hardware, and provides a fast and secure checkout experience.
Customers can trust that their transactions are encrypted, and their payment data is protected, thanks to Apple’s state-of-the-art security features.
The collaboration between Adyen and NewStore represents the future of retail, as businesses can provide convenient and secure payment options.
It’s a step forward for both consumers and businesses, revolutionizing the payment landscape.

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