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By Ruthraz W

“The Continental: From the World of John Wick” – A Dive into a Different Era

In the latest addition to the John Wick universe, “The Continental: From the World of John Wick” takes us on a trip back in time to explore the origins of one of the franchise’s iconic elements – the Continental hotels.
For those who can’t get enough of the assassin-filled, action-packed world of John Wick, this spin-off miniseries offers something both familiar and fresh.
The show starts with a bang – quite literally – as it delivers exhilarating action sequences that John Wick fans have come to love.
The first episode is a rollercoaster ride that sets a high standard for the series, but be ready for a sudden change of direction.
This isn’t your typical John Wick story; instead, it delves into character development and world-building. The miniseries maintains the established John Wick universe while adding to its lore, making it a distinctive and worthwhile addition.
One of the strengths of “The Continental” is its period piece aesthetics.
The 1970s setting is brought to life through its soundtrack, sets, and wardrobe, enhancing the overall experience.
However, there’s room for improvement in the cinematography, as some scenes are excessively dark, making it challenging to follow the action.
While the absence of John Wick himself might disappoint some, the series focuses on expanding the lore of other characters. It’s a fresh perspective that works well to create a deeper connection with characters like Winston Scott and Charon.
If you’ve ever wondered about the backstory of the Continental and how it came to be, this miniseries offers intriguing insights.
The action choreography is commendable, matching the high standards set by the John Wick films.
The series doesn’t shy away from intense fight sequences and delivers some great moments.
The soundtrack, featuring 1970s hits, adds a layer of nostalgia and style to the show.
“The Continental” introduces new characters and explores a different era with compelling settings, including the aftermath of World War II and the post-Vietnam period.
It takes inspiration from 70s cinema and tropes, which adds a unique flavor to the series.
The cast delivers strong performances, with some characters you’ll love and others you’ll love to hate.
However, not all is perfect.
The narrative may not be consistently strong throughout, and there’s room for improvement in this area. While some episodes shine, others might not hold your attention as effectively.
In summary, “The Continental: From the World of John Wick” offers a fresh take on the John Wick universe, exploring the roots of the Continental hotels.
It may not be your typical John Wick story, but it successfully carves its path within the franchise.
With action, style, and character development, it’s a journey worth taking for fans.
While it has its highs and lows, the miniseries deserves a 7.5/10 for its effort to expand the John Wick world in a different era.
So, check in at “The Continental” and enjoy this action-packed spin-off.

Gen V: A Thrilling Spin-Off That Finds Its Own Identity

Next, on the list is “Gen V,” a spin-off from the wildly popular “The Boys” series.
After watching the first few episodes, I can confidently say that this show is a fantastic addition to The Boys universe, and it firmly establishes its identity.
For those who enjoyed “The Boys,” you’re in for a treat.
“Gen V” maintains the same dark, satirical humor and graphic storytelling that made its predecessor a hit. But it doesn’t stop there.
It expands on the world of super-powered individuals, delving into a new setting – a college – and introducing us to a fresh cast of characters.
The result? A series that stands strong on its own while remaining connected to The Boys’ overarching narrative.
One of the most refreshing aspects of “Gen V” is its willingness to address important contemporary issues.
The show doesn’t shy away from topics like gender identity, mental health, and racial equality, weaving them into the storyline seamlessly.
It’s not about ticking checkboxes; it’s about adding depth to the characters and the world they inhabit. The handling of these issues is commendable and adds an extra layer of authenticity to the series.
The characters are complex, and their development is a highlight.
They’re not just stereotypical heroes and villains, and the show does an excellent job of subverting expectations.
It also explores relationships, be they familial, romantic, or friendships, in a compelling way.
Each character feels like an individual with their own unique attributes and burdens.
As for the plot, “Gen V” doesn’t take long to grip you.
The first few episodes build a rock-solid foundation, and the show’s momentum keeps you eagerly clicking for the next episode.
While you may see some connections to “The Boys,” it’s more of a thematic link rather than a repetition of the same storyline.
For those longing for “The Boys” to make a return, however, “Gen V” isn’t trying to be a replacement; it’s carving its own path in The Boys universe.
While there might be a few minor hiccups in line delivery and dialogue, they hardly detract from the overall experience.
In conclusion, “Gen V” is a dark, thrilling, and socially conscious series that’s a must-watch for fans of The Boys and newcomers alike.
It’s gripping, engaging, and deserving of a solid 9.5 out of 10. If you’re seeking a binge-worthy show that’s willing to push boundaries while staying true to its roots, “Gen V” is the perfect choice.
Experience it for yourself, and you won’t be disappointed.

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