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By June Ramli

Melbourne, Oct 8: In a recent interview, Matthew Stillone, the Marketing Manager for Audio-Technica in Australia, shed light on the company’s focus on content creation products, including those catering to streamers, podcasters, YouTubers, and various content creators.
Audio-Technica has introduced several products designed to enhance the audio experience for these creators.
One of their latest offerings is the “Stream Set,” a professional broadcasting headset tailored specifically for streamers and content creators.
This product was developed based on customer feedback, gathered from events like PAX, where many customers expressed the need for a high-quality headset with an excellent microphone for streaming.
The Stream Set combines Audio-Technica’s popular M50X headphones with their renowned AT2020 microphone, providing an all-in-one solution for streamers, and ensuring exceptional sound quality during live broadcasts.
Audio-Technica’s best-selling product remains the ATH-M50X headphones, renowned for their neutral and clean audio reproduction.
Unlike many gaming headphones that often emphasize specific sound characteristics, the ATH-M50X offers a natural and unaltered sound, making it suitable not only for content creation and streaming but also for music listening and gaming.

Stream Set.
Stream Set.

Stillone also highlighted a hidden gem in Audio-Technica’s product lineup—the use of XLR microphones like the AT2040.
While many content creators opt for USB microphones, Stillone pointed out that XLR microphones are an affordable and high-quality option when combined with a compatible audio interface.
This setup can deliver professional-grade audio quality for streamers and podcasters, dispelling the misconception that XLR microphones are solely for music production and live broadcasts.
Audio-Technica products are readily available across Australia through various retailers, including JB Hi-Fi, PC retailers like Scorptec and PLE Computers, and music stores such as Mannys and DJ City.
Their commitment to providing high-quality audio solutions for content creators continues to make Audio-Technica a go-to choice in the industry.
For content creators looking to elevate their audio game, Audio-Technica’s range of products offers versatile options to enhance the quality of their streams, podcasts, and content production.
Without further ado, let’s listen to the entire interview below:

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