Prime Video’s October Highlights

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As October unfolds, Prime Video continues to deliver an engaging lineup of shows and specials to keep viewers entertained throughout the month. From fashion celebrations to thrilling dramas and sci-fi comedies, the streaming service offers a variety of options for audiences to enjoy.

“The Tour” – A Fashion Extravaganza

“The Tour” promises to redefine the fashion show experience. This reimagined fashion show celebrates women and global creatives while examining fashion and art through a cinematic lens. Viewers will be taken behind the scenes of the creation of “The Tour,” featuring behind-the-scenes footage and intimate stories of the VS20, a group of 20 innovative global creatives curating fashion from Bogota, Lagos, London, and Tokyo, alongside iconic custom Victoria’s Secret designs.

“Mechamato” Season 2 – The Battle Continues

On Oct 4th, “Mechamato” returns for its second season. The heroic armored figure, Mechamato, has proven its prowess against the evil robots terrorizing Hilir City. With a growing collection of robots in custody, Amato and Pian decide to rehabilitate them and teach them to become good robots.

“Totally Killer” – A Time-Traveling Thriller

Coming on Oct 6th, “Totally Killer” is set to deliver thrills and chills. In this suspenseful tale, a 17-year-old named Jamie comes face-to-face with the infamous “Sweet Sixteen Killer” on Halloween night. A twist of fate sends her back to 1987, the year of the original killings. Jamie teams up with her teen mom to take down the killer before she’s stuck in the past forever.

“Twin Flames” Season 1 – Unraveling Love Promises

Also premiering on Oct 6th, “Twin Flames” Season 1 explores the world of Twin Flames Universe, an online group led by Jeff and Shaleia Divine. They promise to match members with their perfect partner, but former participants reveal the extreme measures taken to claim their ‘twin flame.’ The pursuit of true love comes at a cost.

“Awareness” – A Tale of Extraordinary Abilities

On Oct 11th, “Awareness” unfolds the story of Ian, a rebellious teenager with the power to generate visual illusions. As he uses his abilities to survive through small scams, his powers spiral out of control, making him the target of rival organizations seeking to exploit him.

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