Kiwi Game Studio Prioritizes Experience

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Sydney, Oct 1: A fully-remote game development studio situated in the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand is making waves in the industry.
Comprising talent hailing from both the game and film sectors, this studio has set a bold ambition—to be the premier destination for players and developers alike. Their philosophy? No crunch, no loot-boxes!
Space Rock Games, as they’re known, is committed to redefining the gaming experience.
Operating in a fully remote setup, their team is dedicated to creating games that prioritize the well-being of both players and developers.
This ethos is a refreshing departure from industry norms, where grueling working hours and predatory microtransactions have often been the subject of controversy.

One of the studio’s most anticipated projects is “Criminals Within,” a two-player comedic action-adventure set in a medieval fantasy kingdom.
What sets this game apart is its unique narrative premise—it unfolds in a world inhabited by powerful de-evolved dragons.
While “Criminals Within” is still in its early stages of development, it’s already generating excitement within the gaming community.
Players can anticipate an adventure that combines action, humor, and an immersive medieval fantasy setting.
The studio’s commitment to avoiding crunch—prolonged periods of overwork and stress for developers—is a stance that’s gaining traction in the industry.
By prioritizing a healthy work-life balance for their team, Space Rock Games aims to create games that are not only enjoyable but also sustainable in their development.
Furthermore, their stance against loot-boxes, a controversial mechanic that has often been associated with gambling-like elements in gaming, reflects their dedication to player satisfaction and ethical game design.
As Space Rock Games debuts “Criminals Within” to the public, they eagerly await feedback from gamers.
This showcase marks the game’s first introduction to a wider audience, and the studio is keen to receive input that will help refine the gaming experience.
While the road to becoming the best studio for both players and developers is undoubtedly challenging, Space Rock Games is taking strides in the right direction.
With a commitment to a healthier work environment and an exciting project like “Criminals Within” on the horizon, this New Zealand-based studio is certainly one to watch in the world of game development.

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