ANZ Expands Payment Options

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Sydney, Sept 28: In a strategic move to cater to the growing demand for diverse payment options in Australia, ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions, a joint venture between ANZ and global payments leader Worldline, has announced a groundbreaking initiative. Effective immediately, businesses across Australia can now accept payments through Alipay+ from a selection of at least six digital wallets. This initiative aims to bolster the accessibility of digital payment methods and enhance the shopping experience for both local and international customers.
The Alipay+ integration facilitates payments from several digital wallets, including Alipay, AlipayHK (Hong Kong SAR China), Kakao Pay (South Korea), Touch ‘n Go eWallet (Malaysia), TrueMoney (Thailand), and GCash (The Philippines). Remarkably, businesses can achieve this without the need for any additional hardware or payment terminals. Through a single Alipay+ enabled Worldline Move 5000 Eftpos terminal, they can seamlessly accept these digital wallets, as well as other card schemes and wallets they choose to embrace.
The process for customers is simple and convenient. To make a purchase, customers merely select their preferred digital wallet on their mobile device and scan the Worldline QR code that automatically appears on the Eftpos terminal. This user-friendly method ensures a smooth and efficient payment experience.
Petr Ryska, CEO of ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions, highlights the significance of this integration for Australian businesses. He emphasizes that catering to the payment preferences of international shoppers and travelers is crucial, as they actively seek businesses that offer their trusted payment methods. Mr. Ryska states, “By accepting more digital wallets through Alipay+, businesses will put themselves in a strong position to access some one billion potential new customers from right across Asia.”
The integration is poised to benefit the rebounding international tourism market in Australia and wallet holders residing in the country. With the ease of integration and a focus on enhancing the consumer experience, ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions is addressing the evolving needs of businesses in the region.
Danny Chung, General Manager of Ant Group in Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, underscores the collaborative effort between ANZ Worldline and Alipay+. He emphasizes the positive impact this partnership will have on Australian merchants, enabling them to better connect with consumers across Asia through the simplicity and convenience of digital payments. “We are confident that this partnership will yield even more innovation and growth opportunities in the Australian market,” said Mr. Chung.
For businesses looking to embrace this new payment solution, new customers can apply online for a Worldline Move 5000 Eftpos terminal. Existing customers can also explore options for enabling Alipay+ on their existing merchant facility by contacting ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions.
This strategic move by ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions is poised to transform the payment landscape in Australia, providing businesses with the tools they need to cater to a diverse and growing customer base, ultimately fostering economic growth and international connectivity.

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