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Sydney, Sept 27: In the swiftly changing world of technology, numerous groundbreaking innovations have surfaced, impacting a range of industries, including aviation, artificial intelligence, and operating systems. Here, we present them without any specific ranking.

Carbonix and Skyports Drone Services Team Up for BVLOS Operations: Australian drone manufacturer Carbonix has joined forces with global drone operator Skyports Drone Services to expand beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations in Australia. This partnership involves embedding skilled international drone pilots within Carbonix to conduct data acquisition missions for energy and mining partners. With Skyports’ expertise in logistics, surveying, and monitoring services, Carbonix aims to offer large-scale unmanned aerial data acquisition, modernizing infrastructure inspections for Australian businesses. This collaboration marks Skyports Drone Services’ first commercial venture in Australia.

Dataiku Unveils LLM Mesh for Enterprise AI: Dataiku, the platform for Everyday AI, recently introduced the LLM Mesh at its Everyday AI Conference in New York. This development addresses the need for a robust, scalable, and secure platform for integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) into enterprise applications. Generative AI offers numerous opportunities, but it presents challenges such as decentralized administration, insufficient permission controls, and concerns about content and data security. Building upon their transformative Generative AI capabilities, the LLM Mesh aims to overcome these obstacles. Positioned between LLM service providers and end-user applications, it offers secure AI service routing, access and auditing, safety measures for private data screening, and more. This advancement sets new standards for enterprise-grade Generative AI applications at scale.

MATE Introduces AI Assistant “Grace” for Customer Support: Australian telecommunications company MATE has introduced “Grace,” an AI assistant that is reshaping the customer support experience. Originally designed for technical troubleshooting in 2019, Grace has evolved to handle a wide range of inquiries, thanks to advancements in generative AI technology. Grace excels at engaging in natural, human-like conversations, blurring the line between human and AI interaction. While she currently operates after regular business hours, MATE envisions her as the primary point of contact for online support, with human representatives available for complex issues. Grace’s capabilities are powered by the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) architecture, integrated with a proprietary information search and indexing system. This integration ensures highly personalized and relevant responses to customer queries, enhancing MATE’s customer support and engagement efforts.

SAS Viya Expands Capabilities for AI and Analytics: SAS, a leader in AI and analytics, unveiled expanded capabilities for its flagship data, AI, and analytics platform, SAS Viya. These innovations were showcased at the SAS Explore technology conference and aim to create lightweight environments for rapid AI model and application development. One of the key products, SAS Viya Workbench, is a lightweight development environment supporting multiple programming languages. It enables high-performance model building in Python, R, and SAS within a cloud-native environment. Another product, SAS App Factory, serves as a rapid application development environment for AI-driven applications. This cloud-based solution helps utility companies manage renewable energy sources and enables medical professionals to assess kidney biopsies using AI and computer vision. SAS Viya’s evolution prioritizes flexibility and collaboration within the AI ecosystem, allowing SAS algorithms to run across various environments.

Microsoft Unveils Exciting Updates for Windows 11: In a recent announcement, Microsoft introduced a wave of innovative features and updates for Windows 11, designed to enhance user experiences and productivity. Some highlights include Copilot in Windows, an intelligent AI-powered assistant, AI-enhanced tools for popular inbox apps, simplified video editing with Microsoft Clipchamp, upgrades to the Snipping Tool, enhanced Photos app, and improved voice access. Enhanced security features and tools for IT professionals are also part of the update. Windows 365 updates aim to provide flexibility for the workforce, while AI-powered recommendations and Instant Games enhance the user experience. Microsoft plans to roll out these features gradually, with broad availability expected by the November 2023 security update. Windows users are encouraged to install the latest updates to enjoy these new features and enhancements, with Windows Backup streamlining transitions to Windows 11.

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