Epson Protects Rainforests

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Sydney, Sept 27: Epson Australia has entered into a new partnership with the Botanic Gardens of Sydney to address critical environmental challenges, with a specific focus on saving Australia’s vulnerable rainforest species. The partnership aims to combat the harmful myrtle rust fungal disease and support the conservation of unique rainforest species facing extinction.
Craig Heckenberg, Managing Director of Epson Australia, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainability and community enrichment. He stated that the partnership aligns with Epson’s dedication to achieving sustainability and contributing to nature-positive and climate-resilient initiatives.
Australia’s rainforest plant species face various threats, including habitat fragmentation, invasive species, diseases, and climate change impacts. The partnership will primarily support the Rainforest Seed Conservation Program at the Botanic Gardens of Sydney.

Epson Employees Join Habitat Restoration Efforts at the Gardens
Epson Employees Join Habitat Restoration Efforts at the Gardens.

This program focuses on innovative conservation methods for storing seeds and plant material of rainforest species that cannot be conserved through traditional seedbank storage methods.
Epson’s support will enable the development of alternative conservation techniques, including tissue culture, cryogenic storage, and living plant collections. These methods help ensure the ongoing preservation of rainforest species and provide materials for research and restoration programs.
Denise Ora, Chief Executive of the Botanic Gardens of Sydney, expressed gratitude for Epson’s support in achieving positive environmental outcomes and conserving critically endangered rainforest species.
Fatida Un, Environment & Sustainability Manager at Epson Australia, highlighted that the partnership aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by promoting community education and advancing climate action.
To celebrate the partnership, Epson employees have joined the Botanic Gardens of Sydney’s efforts to restore habitats with understorey plant species, enhancing the natural landscape and supporting local ecosystems.
Craig Heckenberg concluded by emphasizing the diverse range of initiatives that the Botanic Gardens of Sydney champions and how the partnership will create meaningful value within local communities.
This partnership reflects Epson Australia’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its role in addressing critical conservation challenges in Australia’s rainforests.

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