Amazon’s Echo Lighting Upgrades

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Sydney, Sept 27: Amazon is taking its smart home offerings to the next level with new lighting features for Echo devices, addressing customer feedback and delivering a more personalized and natural lighting experience.
These new features include “Wake-up Lighting” and “Light Dimming/Brightening Routines.” The “Wake-up Lighting” feature replicates a sunrise by gradually increasing the brightness of connected smart bulbs over a specified time, helping users ease into their day. Users can customize this gentle awakening and set one-time or recurring alarms. If their lights are grouped with their Echo device, a simple voice command like “Alexa, wake me up at 6 am with lights” does the trick.

The “Light Dimming/Brightening Routines” enable users to create custom routines for morning and night, specifying the desired brightness level and duration for their lights. These routines operate independently of Alexa alarms, allowing for personalized lighting adjustments. For example, lights can brighten gradually in the morning to gently wake you up, or they can dim and turn off as part of a voice-triggered nighttime routine like “Alexa, good night.”
Amazon has also introduced “Occupancy Routines” via Alexa, which focus on motion detection. These pre-programmed routines automatically turn off lights when no motion is detected in a room for 30 minutes, contributing to energy savings. Additionally, Alexa can activate lights when motion is detected or when the doorbell rings, offering a warm welcome for visitors.
These enhancements aim to provide users with more control and convenience in managing their smart lighting, addressing energy efficiency concerns, and enhancing the overall smart home experience. Particularly in Australia, where nearly half of adults report sleep-related issues, these additions are expected to assist in improving sleep quality and morning energy levels. For more information about these new features, visit Wake and Sleep Lights.

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