Amazfit Balance: Life Harmony

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Kuala Lumpur, Sept 21: Zepp Health Corporation (NYSE: ZEPP), a prominent player in smart wearables and health technology, has introduced the Amazfit Balance, a lifestyle smartwatch designed to help individuals attain the perfect balance between work, life, and well-being.
This latest addition to the Amazfit series builds upon the success of the Amazfit GTR and GTS smartwatches, incorporating cutting-edge technology and features that have resonated with a global user community.
Powered by Zepp Health’s evolving AI ecosystem, the Amazfit Balance now leads the Amazfit Lifestyle Series.
With its sleek design, the Amazfit Balance offers features to help users stay organized and on schedule throughout the day, whether it’s for work, leisure, or workouts.
Professional runner and fitness trainer, Captain (R) Raeiz Hamed RMAF, praised the smartwatch’s ability to track mental and physical data, enabling better management of training and rest.
He also noted the accuracy of the “Readiness” score, which assesses overall fitness and recovery.
The Zepp OS 3.0 operating system, combined with Android and iOS compatibility, ensures seamless integration with health apps and provides notifications and reminders. Amazfit’s signature health monitoring system is also included.
A standout feature is the “Readiness” score, offering advice based on health indicators like sleep, exercise, stress levels, and 24-hour vital signs monitoring. It assesses physical and mental recovery from the previous day, helping users optimize their daily routines.
Content creator and fitness enthusiast Mark Ong commended the smartwatch’s fitness tracking capabilities and its integration with health apps like adidas Running and Strava. He highlighted the Body Composition app, which provides insights into bone, muscle, fat, and water percentages in just seconds.
Additional features include stress-relief apps like “Breathe,” “Yoga,” and “Meditation.” The Amazfit Balance boasts over 150 apps and mini-games, including ExerSense, capable of recognizing eight sports and more than 150 sports modes. Notable among the upgrades is the Triathlon mode, tracking swimming, cycling, and running in a single session. Zepp Coach, powered by AI, monitors performance and milestones during exercise.
With features like BioTracker 5.0, microphone, and speaker, the Amazfit Balance seamlessly transitions from business wear to active athletic use. It ensures users stay on time with app notifications and health insights, helping them find balance in their lives as they pursue success.
Starting tomorrow the Amazfit Balance is available on Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop, priced at RM1099. Customers will receive a free gift bundle, including a Hypergear Drybag, Amazfit Sport Towel, and a Celebrity Fitness 7-day Trial Pass, while supplies last.

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