NON8: Alcohol-Free Elegance

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By June Ramli

I recently had the pleasure of trying NON8, a unique beverage that redefines the wine-drinking experience without the alcohol.
Crafted with precision and care in Australia, NON8 offers a delightful and refreshing alternative to traditional wine.
NON8 distinguishes itself by being alcohol-free, a feature that ensures inclusivity for a diverse range of consumers.
As I took my first sip, I was pleasantly surprised by the delightful aftertaste it left on my palate.

Gift-Worthy NON8: A Memorable Beverage Experience"
Gift-Worthy NON8: A Memorable Beverage Experience

It truly captures the essence of wine without the alcohol, providing a sense of relaxation and sophistication similar to what you’d expect from traditional wine.
I received a package containing two bottles of NON8, and it struck me as the perfect gift for any occasion or a thoughtful addition to potluck gatherings and anniversary celebrations.
It’s evident that NON pays meticulous attention to quality, ensuring that each bottle delivers a memorable experience.
One minor drawback I encountered was the bottle cap, which is not reusable once opened.
However, given that NON8 is not carbonated, I found that I could repurpose the cap for future use.
It might be worthwhile for NON to explore more eco-friendly cap options in the future.
One unique aspect of NON8 is its packaging in glass bottles.
Once you’ve savored every drop of this delectable beverage, you can repurpose the glass bottle by filling it with ice water and chilling it for a refreshing, iced-cold drink.
NON8’s flavor profile is truly distinctive.
With prominent notes of torched apple and oolong, it offers a zingy, fresh, and rich taste that is utterly irresistible.

NON8: Redefining Wine with No Alcohol
NON8: Redefining Wine with No Alcohol.

It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating a sensory experience that challenges traditional expectations.
This beverage is the brainchild of Aaron Trotman, the founder of NON, and his talented team.
They employed innovative winery techniques, including cold steeping freeze-dried apple cubes, to concentrate the fruit’s flavor.
This forms the base of NON8, which is then enhanced with Keemun tea, Oolong tea, cacao nibs, burnt sugar, ginger root, and Murray River salt, creating a harmonious and complex flavor profile.
NON8 is best enjoyed chilled in a wine glass, and it pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes, including poached lobster, creamy pasta, grilled vegetables, and spicy Asian cuisine.
It’s a versatile beverage that elevates any special meal or outdoor gathering.
Intriguingly, NON8 marks the beginning of NON’s limited-edition capsule collection, challenging us to think differently about the culinary world.
It’s a bold and sharp creation that promises to take your taste buds on an uncharted journey.
With real taste and no booze, NON8 is a remarkable addition to the world of beverages.
If you’re seeking a sophisticated and alcohol-free alternative for your next special occasion, NON8 is available for purchase from Sept 21st, starting at just AU$30 per bottle.
Visit to explore more about this innovative brand and add this exceptional beverage to your cart today

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