Xsolla’s Game Commerce Revolution

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Sydney, Sept 19: Xsolla, a prominent player in the global video game commerce industry, has unveiled an exciting new online platform known as Xsolla Mall.
This innovative destination offers a diverse array of features, allowing video game enthusiasts to access exclusive in-game items, game discounts, and premium experiences directly from game developers and publishers.
Users can also engage with these offerings through partnerships with content creators and payment providers.
One of the standout features of Xsolla Mall is its ability to provide game developers with dedicated landing pages where they can showcase and monetize their game content. This includes the option to feature an entire game on a specific branded landing page. Furthermore, Xsolla Mall already boasts a growing library of cloud games, which users can access through the Xsolla Cloud Gaming solution. By combining video game content, a variety of local payment methods, and the influence of content creators and influencers, Xsolla Mall serves as a cost-effective platform that can significantly enhance revenue generation for game developers.
This new platform offers game developers and publishers a fresh distribution channel, which can help reduce customer acquisition and retention costs.
It also contributes to growing brand recognition, increasing player engagement, and ultimately boosting profitability for businesses in the video game industry.
Chris Hewish, the CEO of Xsolla, stated, “Xsolla Mall opens up a direct-to-consumer distribution channel for delivering games and in-game content on the web. Our goal is to assist developers in overcoming current market challenges, such as the high costs associated with acquiring and retaining players, steep distribution fees, and expanding the number of paying players. Xsolla Mall aligns perfectly with our mission to strengthen the gaming community by providing developers, influencers, and players with a secure, user-friendly, and engaging platform.”
For more details about Xsolla Mall, please visit their official website at: Xsolla Mall.

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