RØDE and macOS Sonoma Compatibility

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Sydney, Sept 14: In a surprising turn of events, RØDE, a renowned name in the realm of audio products, finds itself facing compatibility hurdles with Apple’s latest macOS update, Sonoma. This major macOS update, currently in the beta testing phase, is anticipated to be rolled out to the public in the latter half of 2023.
A noteworthy limitation has surfaced that primarily affects Intel-based Mac devices running Sonoma, specifically in terms of compatibility with select MFi-certified USB audio devices. Notably, this limitation excludes M1 and M2 Mac models from the equation.
The acronym “MFi” stands for “Made for iOS,” serving as a seal of approval from Apple, designating an accessory as officially compatible with its products.
RØDE boasts a lineup of MFi-certified products, as do various other manufacturers.
However, this limitation threatens to disrupt the seamless operation of these products when used with a Mac running macOS Sonoma.

Among the RØDE products affected by this compatibility setback are:

  • AI-Micro
  • NT-USB+
  • PodMic USB
  • VideoMic GO II
  • VideoMic NTG
  • Wireless GO II
  • Wireless ME
  • Wireless PRO
  • RØDECaster Pro II (important to note that this affects USB 2 only)
  • RØDECaster Duo (also affecting USB 2 only)

What adds to the complexity of this issue is that it has persisted across all beta versions of macOS Sonoma, including the current “release candidate” version.
Given this track record, it is highly likely that the limitation will continue to exist in the final public release.
RØDE has promptly escalated the matter to Apple, seeking resolution and clarification. However, as of now, no specific timeline has been provided regarding when this issue will be addressed.
In light of these circumstances, RØDE offers a cautious recommendation to its users: if you wish to continue enjoying your RØDE audio products without encountering compatibility issues, it is advisable to refrain from updating your Mac to macOS Sonoma until further information and resolution are provided.

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