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Melbourne, Sept 11: Ukiyo Studios, a prominent business-development games agency based in Melbourne, is set to make waves at PAX Australia 2023 with their groundbreaking showcase titled “SEA What I Made!
This showcase promises to be a remarkable event, featuring a delegation of indie games from Southeast Asia never before seen on Australian shores.

Melbourne's Ukiyo Studios to Host "SEA What I Made!" Showcase at PAX Australia 2023
Melbourne’s Ukiyo Studios to Host “SEA What I Made!” Showcase at PAX Australia 2023.

The SWIM (SEA What I Made) Booth will proudly present an array of captivating titles from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Gamers and enthusiasts can expect a diverse range of game genres, including turn-based RPGs, Southeast Asian-inspired Diablo-like adventures, and even restaurant management simulations.

Here’s a list of the exciting titles featured in the SWIM Booth:

DevaData by Kindryd Studios (Malaysia)
Don’t Stop the Party by Avalon Systems (Malaysia)
Exist.EXE by Skyfeather Games Studio (Malaysia)
Ghostlore by AT-AT (Singapore)
Hello Goodboy by Glory Jam (Philippines)
Katana Rama by Ghost Machine (Malaysia)
Midwest 90: Rapid City by Hidden Chest Studio (Malaysia)
Overhours by CtrlD Studio (Malaysia)
Rogue AI Simulator by Nerdook Productions (Malaysia)
SEDAP! by kopiforge (Singapore)
Suku Suku Separuh by Kindling Interactive Studio (Malaysia)
Sunset Satellite by Twilight Foundry Games (Malaysia)
The Chef’s Shift by Panitia GameDev (Indonesia)
Turbo Cat Fight by Chaosmore Works (Malaysia)
Until Then by Polychroma Games (Philippines)

David Cardenas, co-founder of Ukiyo Studios, expressed his vision for this event, saying, “When people think of the Asia-Pacific games industry, what usually comes to mind is just Australia and New Zealand. Our goal with developing this booth is to highlight our neighbors in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines as well.”
He further added, “The Southeast Asian region is not only geographically close to Australia but culturally close as well. It simply makes sense for us to be building this bridge to connect Australia with Asia. We’re excited to be making video game history in a big way through ‘SEA What I Made.'”
Ukiyo Studios has a track record of success, having exhibited gaming clients at various global conventions, including Taipei Game Show, PAX East, BitSummit, Gamescom, PAX West, and Tokyo Game Show. The agency will also be present at Games Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) in Melbourne. Developers and publishers interested in showcasing their games overseas are encouraged to stop by and pitch their creations.
Stay tuned for this exciting showcase at PAX Australia 2023, where Ukiyo Studios aims to bring together the best of Southeast Asian indie gaming talent and offer gamers a glimpse into the vibrant world of game development from the region.
The SWIM Booth will be located at Booth #1050 during PAX Australia, which is scheduled to take place from Oct 6th to 8th in Melbourne.

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