Sony Honors Exceptional Visual Artists

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Sydney, Sept 9: Sony recently illuminated the world of visual arts by revealing the extraordinary winners of two prestigious events: the eighth annual Sony Alpha Awards and the third annual Catchlight Film Festival.
These celebrations of talent and creativity cast a spotlight on the exceptional artists from Australia and New Zealand, whether they wielded Sony Alpha cameras to capture moments in photographs or utilized Sony technology to craft compelling cinematic stories.
The Sony Alpha Awards, renowned for their celebration of photographic artistry in all its forms, have been a beacon of recognition for both passionate amateurs and seasoned professionals.
In 2023, this esteemed platform received a staggering 2,900-plus submissions, each vying for its moment in the spotlight.

Alpha Awards 2023 Grand Prize Winner, Aliens Exist by Lewis Burnett selected by Scott Gray, CEO of the World Photography Organisation
Alpha Awards 2023 Grand Prize Winner, Aliens Exist by Lewis Burnett selected by Scott Gray, CEO of the World Photography Organisation.

With a total prize pool of $50,000 worth of Sony camera gear, including $4,000 worth of Sony digital imaging equipment per category, the Alpha Awards offered deserving winners substantial recognition. The Grand Prize, the crowning achievement, was bestowed upon Lewis Burnett, who proudly walked away with an impressive AUD $10,000 worth of Sony camera gear.
Jun Yoon, Head of Sony Digital Imaging ANZ, couldn’t contain his admiration for the talented photographers, stating, “The photographers featured in the eighth annual Alpha Awards continue to craft the most exquisite imagery.
“We are overjoyed to announce the winners and, in particular, the grand prize recipient for the year 2023. “Our community of photographers consistently astounds us with their unwavering dedication to their craft.
“On behalf of Sony and the Digital Imaging team, I extend heartfelt congratulations to all entrants, finalists, and winners.”
This momentous announcement unfolded at the Alpha Awards Gallery in Sydney, with the vibrant city serving as the perfect backdrop to celebrate the talents and passion of these remarkable photographers.

Winners of the 2023 Catchlight Film Festival, Bangay Lore by Jahvis Loveday, The Extra by Tyler Kang, Pitch Black by Guillym Davenport & Baby Prince – Shake ft. Blessed by Bronson Moyle.

Meanwhile, in simultaneous excitement, the third annual Catchlight Film Festival reached its thrilling conclusion.
Filmmakers from Australia and New Zealand had chosen Sony cameras to tell their stories, a testament to the exceptional capabilities of Sony technology.
The festival’s esteemed panel of judges, including Yolanda Ramke (Non-Fiction), Gracie Otto (Fiction), Simeon Bryan (Student Fiction), and Sony Music Australia (Music Video), faced the formidable task of selecting the winners from a stellar lineup of finalist films.

The 2023 Catchlight Film Festival proudly crowned the following victors:

“Bangay Lore” by Jahvis Loveday
“The Extra” by Tyler Kang
“Pitch Black” by Guillym Davenport
“Baby Prince – Shake ft. Blessed” by Bronson Moyle

For those eager to experience the cinematic brilliance of these films, all the winning and finalist films are available for viewing on the festival’s official platform.
Sony’s unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in both photography and film continues to shine brightly, illuminating the immense talent present in the region.
Jun Yoon, Head of Sony Digital Imaging ANZ, extended his congratulations to the filmmakers, remarking, “On behalf of the Sony filmmaking community, I extend a heartfelt congratulations to all our finalists and winners in the film categories and cinematography awards.
“The creativity, dedication, and passion of these talented storytellers were clearly evident in the work they submitted.
“The Australian and New Zealand film industry is in good hands.”

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