Case Study: Epson Transforms Bright Star

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Sydney, Sept 7: Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of the NSW south coast, Bright Star Kids is a family-owned e-commerce venture specializing in crafting top-tier name labels and school supplies for children.
Their irresistible combination of contemporary designs, budget-friendly prices, and exceptional customer service has consistently earned them the loyalty of countless families year after year. Recently, when the company sought a cutting-edge dye-sublimation printing solution, they turned to none other than Epson.
A sizable printer with a vast expanse of pristine white paper – this was the canvas upon which Bright Star Kids embarked on their journey with the Epson SureColor F6460H.
Bright Star Kids’ co-founder, Nigel Cooper, shared their journey, stating, “Initially, we acquired an Epson SureColor F9460 to replace our aging dye-sublimation printers. It provided us with a glimpse of Epson’s prowess in delivering superior sublimation printing, unmatched speed, and remarkable efficiency. However, fate had other plans, as a freak rainstorm inundated our production facility, rendering all our machines inoperable due to water damage.”
What initially appeared as a disastrous setback turned into a remarkable turning point for the company.
“One of the most harrowing experiences of our lives turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
It afforded us an opportunity not only to rebuild but to enhance our workflow significantly.

Metal drink bottles printed using the Epson SureColor F6460H at Bright Star Kids.

Learning about the new Epson SureColor F6460H dye-sublimation printer, we decided to explore its potential.
The deeper we delved, the more apparent it became that this was the perfect solution to replace all our water-damaged dye-sublimation machines.”
Given their substantial workload, Bright Star Kids needed a printer capable of efficiently handling a high volume of orders without compromising on quality.
Nigel Cooper further elaborated, “What sets the F6460H apart are the Light Cyan and Light Magenta inks.
While achieving excellent results with deep, vibrant colors was always feasible, introducing light-colored printing often stumped most printers, struggling to attain the quality necessary for a standout product.
Moreover, the F6460H’s more compact size allowed us to invest in multiple machines, effectively streamlining our workflow.
Another crucial factor in choosing this printer over others is its user-friendliness.
It operates like a ‘set-and-forget’ machine, rarely encountering issues, and any hiccups are effortlessly resolved with an automatic cleaning process that clears clogged nozzles.
Overall, the SureColor F6460H printers have swiftly become an integral and indispensable component of our production process.”
A collection of water bottles adorned with diverse designs – these are the creations of the Epson SureColor F6460H at Bright Star Kids.
As co-founder Nigel Cooper passionately conveyed, “Since their acquisition, these printers have been in continuous operation, flawlessly delivering exceptional results.
Their unparalleled capability to print and apply light colors onto any sublimatable material is truly astonishing.
Unlike any other sublimation printer we’ve used, they consistently produce superior quality and vividly vibrant colors, eliminating any graininess issues we previously encountered with light-colored printing. And let’s not forget the impeccable rendering of even the deeper, more intense colors, which this printer handles with finesse.
To date, I have yet to come across another printer that can match the high-quality end product produced by this exceptional machine.”
A substantial printer housed within a room – the Epson SureColor F6460H continues to make its mark at Bright Star Kids.
It’s evident that Bright Star Kids regards the F6460H as unrivaled in terms of its speed, quality, and reliability.
Nigel Cooper concluded, “The Epson SureColor F6460H unquestionably stands a class above all other dye-sublimation printers we’ve encountered.
None have achieved the level of vibrancy, clarity, and intricate detailing in prints and transfers, especially when dealing with lighter shades.
Moreover, its ease of use and ‘set-and-forget’ functionality are major assets in the midst of a bustling operation, where multitasking is the norm. Rest assured, this printer will consistently deliver.
What truly sets it apart is its ability to churn out high-quality products at remarkable speeds, regardless of whether we’re processing hundreds or thousands of orders daily.
In short, this printer’s blend of quality and speed consistently yields the utmost customer satisfaction, day in and day out, without fail.”

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