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By June Ramli

After experiencing a significant financial setback due to the property market downturn, Coraline Dufroux, an Australian mom, has embarked on a remarkable journey to success. She has achieved this success through her multi-million-dollar cleaning business.
Dufroux’s path began as a property developer managing projects worth $60 million.
However, the challenges posed by a market downturn and timing issues resulted in her losing everything.
These setbacks have profoundly influenced Dufroux’s approach to wealth-building, instilling in her valuable lessons, a deep appreciation for wealth preservation, and a commitment to establishing sustainable financial structures.
Today, she is not only dedicated to rebuilding her own financial stability but also helping others create and maintain true wealth.
Dufroux shares her insights, stating, ‘Business is a never-ending journey of learning, picking yourself back up, and giving yourself pep talks.
From my 20 years in business, I believe my sustainability has come from mastering the art of pivoting. Industries change, customer expectations evolve, and nothing ever stays constant. In my opinion, that is the art of business, staying relevant.’

Meanwhile, in addition to Dufroux’s remarkable journey, we introduce you to another entrepreneur, Serene Lim, who is currently making waves with her sell-out product, semi-cured gel nail stickers under the brand Gellae.
Lim’s venture offers an innovative solution for achieving salon-quality nails at a fraction of the cost.
Lim explains, ‘Semi Cured gel nail stickers are the latest in nail technology.
Think salon-grade gel nail polish but in sticker form! With it, you can have gorgeous gel nails at home for a fraction of the cost without the nail damage and long dry times.’
The unique gel polish used in Gellae’s stickers is 60 per cent cured, making them flexible, stretchy, and easy to apply.
Just peel the sticker, apply it to your natural nails, and cure it under a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.
The sticker hardens to the shape of your nails, with each pack containing 20 nail stickers to fit any nail size. They don’t require soaking off, thanks to their adhesive back, which allows for easy removal.
Gellae has gained significant attention, with 60 million views on TikTok in just 2 months and over 100 million views across all social media platforms in three months.
As the cost of living increases, more people are opting to do their own manicures, and Gellae provides a budget-friendly alternative that matches salon-grade quality.
A set of 20 semi-cured stickers costs $25.50 and includes not only the stickers but also a wooden cuticle stick, a nail file, and alcohol wipes.
New designs often sell out within a day of being launched. Gellae also offers a starter kit with two sets of nail stickers and a free UV curing lamp.
Gellae is particularly popular among individuals who avoid nail salons due to overpowering smells and health concerns.
Lim notes that the product is also in high demand among those who struggle with nail biting, as the thin, durable gel layer protects the nails and promotes healthy growth.
“Gellae is a problem-solving product that is affordable in the current economy. I am so grateful that we have helped thousands of customers achieve salon-quality, beautiful nails at home,”Lim concludes.

Founder of Suggesterfy, Deanna Bugalski.

In other news, a new social discovery mobile app called Suggesterfy has officially launched.
Founded by Deanna Bugalski, a Melbourne-based mother of three, the app aims to simplify decision-making and enhance the way users discover trusted recommendations within their networks. Suggesterfy tailors recommendations to each user’s interests and preferences, making it easier to find reliable and personalized suggestions.
The app connects users with their trusted network of friends, family, or experts, creating a platform where valuable recommendations can be accessed in one place.
By leveraging personal connections and word-of-mouth recommendations, Suggesterfy seeks to make the social discovery process efficient, relevant, and trustworthy. It promotes positivity and aims to foster a supportive online community by sharing only positive experiences and recommendations.
“In a world of information overload, finding reliable and personalized recommendations can be a challenging task,” Bugalski.
Suggesterfy aims to address this challenge and provide users with valuable insights from their trusted networks.
Suggesterfy represents a refreshing approach to online reviews by focusing on sharing positive advice and recommendations among peers, supporting small businesses, and promoting a supportive online community.

Estás Bel: The shapewear company founded by a nurse that’s shaping Aussie women’s silhouettes
Estás Bel: The shapewear company founded by a nurse that’s shaping Aussie women’s silhouettes.

Finally, Belinda Tayi, a Registered Nurse in Sydney, noticed the need for affordable and stylish post-op and post-partum shapewear garments in Australia. Inspired by Colombian “fajas,” originally designed for medical purposes, she founded Estás Bel, an Australian company specializing in these versatile and trendy shapewear pieces.
Colombian fajas are renowned for their firmness and effectiveness in creating a shapely and slender look. Tayi saw an opportunity to introduce these garments to Australian women, offering quality and affordability.
Despite the challenges of balancing motherhood and work, Tayi meticulously curated designs and researched manufacturing to ensure high-quality, skin-tone-inclusive products. Estás Bel’s shapewear is made from Powernet fabrics, known for their resistance and functionality. Some pieces even feature butt-lifting capabilities.
The company aims to pioneer the Colombian shapewear market in Australia, offering empowerment and confidence to women through inclusive, innovative shapewear. Tayi envisions Estás Bel as a brand that raises the bar for representation and inclusivity while helping women look and feel confident in their own skin.

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