AI Boosts Aussie Job Hunts

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Sydney, Sept 5: A recent survey conducted by Indeed, the world’s leading job site, has unveiled how Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are playing a pivotal role in helping Australians secure their desired job positions.
The study sheds light on the effectiveness of AI in job searches, highlighting its impact on expediting employment opportunities.
The survey revealed that a significant 46 per cent of Australian job seekers have turned to AI tools to assist them in finding and applying for jobs. Among this group, a remarkable 52 per cent reported increased success in their job search endeavors, thanks to the integration of AI tools. Moreover, a staggering 74 per cent of those who received job offers following their use of AI tools claimed to have secured employment faster.
One noteworthy trend highlighted by the survey is the prevalence of AI adoption among younger generations. Gen Z and Millennials stand out as the highest users of AI in their job-seeking efforts, with 55 per cent incorporating AI tools into their search strategies.
Furthermore, professionals working in science, technology, and engineering fields exhibited the highest AI tool usage, with 70 per cent leveraging these technologies to enhance their job search experience.
Interestingly, the survey also underscored a willingness among Australian workers to embrace AI in their future job searches, with an impressive 82 per cent expressing their openness to using AI tools in their career quests.
While the survey paints a largely positive picture of AI’s impact on the job market, it also highlights a need for better guidance on effectively utilizing these tools in the job search process.
Approximately 39 per cent of respondents expressed a desire for more guidance and support in this regard.
One intriguing finding pertains to the incorporation of AI skills into resumes. Although 49 per cent of Australians reported using AI tools in their workplaces, with 29 per cent utilizing them at least once a week, only 22 per cent plan to include AI-related skills on their CVs when updating them. This suggests an untapped opportunity for job seekers to showcase their AI expertise and experiences, potentially making them more competitive in the job market.
Sally McKibbin, Career Coach at Indeed, commented on the findings, stating, “Australian job seekers have wholeheartedly embraced AI and are reaping its benefits. They are using AI to align themselves with suitable roles, refine their CVs and cover letters, rehearse interview responses, and even facilitate salary negotiations.”
She added, “With AI’s increasing prevalence in workplaces, those incorporating it into their job application process display impressive initiative in aligning with employers’ expectations and adopting technology that is poised to shape our future work environments.”
However, McKibbin also noted that AI’s role in recruitment doesn’t eliminate the importance of candidate interviews, emphasizing their continued relevance in identifying standout candidates.
In summary, Indeed’s survey underscores the positive impact of AI tools in job searches, particularly for Australian job seekers. While AI adoption is on the rise, there’s a growing need for guidance in optimizing these tools for job-seeking success, along with untapped potential for job seekers to better showcase their AI-related skills on their CVs.

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