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Kuala Lumpur, Aug 23: Prime Video has unveiled exciting news about the upcoming release of the bone-chilling horror film “Khanzab,” directed by Anggy Umbara. This film will be accessible to audiences in over 240 countries and territories worldwide, including Malaysia, starting from August 24.
Prime Video members will have the convenience of downloading episodes on their mobile devices for offline viewing.
The subscription cost for this exceptional content in Malaysia is set at just 25 MYR per month.
“Khanzab” delves into the unsettling subject of real-life witchcraft massacre in Banyuwangi during 1998. The storyline follows Rahayu (Yasamin Jasem), a deeply affected witness to her father’s tragic murder during this haunting event.
Director Anggy Umbara masterfully combines captivating visuals and immersive world-building, seamlessly blending elements of magic and reality.
At the core of “Khanzab” is its exceptional cast, including Tika Bravani, Yasamin Jasem, and Arswendy Bening Swara. Their performances add depth to the characters’ emotional journeys, while the supporting cast lends authenticity to the narrative.Joining Prime Video’s diverse catalog, “Khanzab” stands alongside notable titles such as “Imaginur,” “Juang,” “Abang Long Fadil 3,” and “Coast Guard Malaysia.” The platform also offers a range of Korean titles, anime hits, and acclaimed Amazon Originals, catering to various preferences.
Prime Video enhances flexibility by enabling members to enjoy content across a variety of devices.In addition to this, Prime Video has unveiled the key art and character details for the highly anticipated Amazon Original series “Gen V,” which hails from the world of The Boys.
This series, set within the sinister universe of The Boys, expands to Godolkin University—a prestigious institution exclusively for superheroes in training.
The students at this institution are groomed to become the next generation of heroes, with the added appeal of lucrative endorsements.

Amid the customary challenges of college life, these aspiring heroes face explosive situations that showcase the heightened stakes when superpowers are in play.
As they grapple with popularity, grades, and greater responsibilities, the young supes soon discover a looming, sinister presence within their school, prompting the ultimate test: Will they emerge as the heroes or the villains of their own narratives?
The ensemble cast of “Gen V” includes Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizze Broadway, Shelley Conn, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Marco Pigossi. The series also features guest stars Clancy Brown and Jason Ritter, alongside appearances from Jessie T.
Usher, Claudia Doumit, Colby Minifie, and P.J. Byrne, reprising their roles from The Boys.Each character brings a unique dimension to the narrative: Jaz Sinclair portrays Marie Moreau, an 18-year-old superhero with the power to manipulate her own blood.
Chance Perdomo embodies Andre Anderson, a junior at Godolkin University endowed with magnetic abilities. Lizze Broadway takes on the role of Emma Meyer, also known as Little Cricket, who can shrink to a miniature size. Shelley Conn portrays Indira Shetty, the dean of Godolkin University, leveraging her expertise in superhero psychology. Maddie Phillips becomes Cate Dunlap, a junior with the power to command others with a touch.
London Thor and Derek Luh team up as Jordan Li, a competitive student with unique transformational powers.
Asa Germann portrays Sam, a troubled supe grappling with his own power. Patrick Schwarzenegger becomes Luke Riordan, known as Golden Boy due to his fiery abilities. Sean Patrick Thomas is Polarity, Andre’s father and a celebrated alumnus of Godolkin University.
Clancy Brown takes on the role of Professor Rich “Brink” Brinkerhoff, dedicated to discovering new talent. Marco Pigossi portrays Dr. Edison Cardosa, a doctor tied to Godolkin University.
Behind the scenes, showrunners and executive producers Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters lead the creative process.
A notable lineup of executive producers includes Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and more.
The series is produced by Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios, in collaboration with Kripke Enterprises, Point Grey Pictures, and Original Film.

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