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By June Ramli

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 23: Sandy Lee, Assistant Director and Head of Consumer System Products (CSP) Division at Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., sheds light on Canon’s leadership in photographic and digital imaging solutions.
Recognized by market research firm IDC as the definitive pioneer in the Inkjet Printer segment for 27 consecutive years since 1996 and as the top laser printer brand for seven consecutive years since 2015, Canon has demonstrated its prowess in the industry.
Drawing from the 2022 report by Research and Markets titled “Printer Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity, and Forecast 2022-2027,” the global printer market reached an impressive size of US$ 44.82 billion last year.
Forecasts predict this market to expand to US$ 61.9 billion by 2027, presenting a notable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.53 per cent during 2021-2027.The market’s trajectory is driven by various factors, including the escalating demand for high-quality imagery. Notably, the usage of large format printers has surged, catering to printing professional data and business presentations.
Canon’s commitment to sustainability is resolute, advocating sustainable business practices as an integral component of its global imaging and technology leadership.
The CSP division has diligently crafted reliable and cost-effective printers, with a special focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
Aligned with Canon’s tagline “Business Can Be Simple,” the company empowers business continuity through digitalization and innovation, streamlining processes.
Lee’s insights provide a deeper understanding of Canon’s dedication to advancing printing solutions that simplify and elevate businesses, as highlighted in this exclusive interview with

Sandy Lee of Canon
Sandy Lee of Canon. Supplied.

How much in sales performance did Canon achieve this year and anticipate for next year?

While we are unable to disclose specific figures, we are thrilled to share that Canon has achieved consistent double-digit growth in the B2B and B2G segments, which can be attributed to Canon’s dedication to offering a diverse range of solutions for such markets, embodying its tagline of “Business Can Be Simple”. Canon’s commitment to product reliability, continuous innovation, and top-notch service support has played a vital role in supplementing this growth, along with the unwavering support from its customers and the dedicated Canon team that contributed to this success. Looking ahead to the following year, we definitely remain optimistic about maintaining this momentum and achieving our desired results. 

What are your competitive advantages, challenges and opportunities?

Canon’s competitive edge has been the driving force behind being the leading market share holder in the inkjet segment for 27 consecutive years. As a globally recognised and trusted household brand, Canon has established a solid reputation for reliable technology and exceptional quality. To maintain that trust, Canon also emphasizes customer satisfaction by providing extensive service coverage and support nationwide. Our commitment to the “Canon Delighting You Always” theme ensures our customers receive excellent service and assistance whenever they require it. Besides that, Canon also stands out as the only printer brand that offers both input and output technology, allowing our products to sync seamlessly. This integration optimises performance and enhances user experience, making Canon printers and other devices highly efficient and user-friendly. A notable challenge we have noticed is the declining print volume in companies due to the growing preference for electronic copies. However, this shift also poses many opportunities for Canon to strategise and innovate amidst this evolving landscape. One of the opportunities that Canon is constantly innovating is its wider range of B2B products that match the demand from commercial and even government segments. 

Which are their best selling products when it comes to photographic and digital imaging solutions and why?

Canon’s best-selling products for photographic and digital imaging solutions undoubtedly include the renowned G series and PRO series photo printers, both of which offers a blend of cutting-edge technology that also befits professional users.
What also sets these products apart is its reliability, affordability, and versatility for media handling, allowing users to experiment with various paper types and sizes, further maximising creative possibilities.

Which is your best-selling product in Malaysia?

Both inkjet and laser printers have garnered substantial traction across diverse markets, with their performance influenced by consumer preferences. Notably, we have noticed a growing inclination for inkjet printers in the B2C segment, SOHOs and SMEs driven by their lower cost of ownership while maintaining high print quality.
Conversely, the B2B sector gravitates towards laser printers, catering to high-volume printing needs and offering robust support that are crucial elements in large offices and SMEs, evident from the growing demand.
In short, the success of both printer categories is a testament to their effectiveness in their respective spheres.

A Little bit about yourself, the role you are in now and why you love your job.

As the Head of Consumer System Products (CSP) Division at Canon Marketing Malaysia, I can confidently say that my 26 years of journey with the company has been nothing short of remarkable. Canon has cultivated an environment that champions continuous growth and learning, exacerbating my personal passion for constant development. Being at Canon also means that I am at the forefront of innovation and technology, providing me with the privilege to witness the advancement of printing technologies and the transformative impact it has on our consumers. My role at Canon has allowed me to take pride in constantly raising the bar and exploring new avenues that can maximise the printing landscape with our printers that make Imaging Possibilities and Beyond a reality, along with my team that are like family to me. 

What is Canon Malaysia’s market share and what is their top-selling product in Malaysia and why? 

Canon Malaysia continues to have a strong market foothold locally, standing strong as the No. 1 market share holder in the inkjet printer segment for 27 consecutive years and 8 consecutive years for the laser printer segment, as of the end of 2022. This success can be attributed to a few star products. The E series ink cartridge has always reigned as a crowded favourite among home users due to its affordability. Its compact shape packs a punch without breaking the bank.
The G series printers have earned its popularity by catering to the requirements of businesses and individuals alike. Known for its MegaTank, the G series printers support high printing volume at a low cost while providing superior maintenance convenience to ensure a hassle-free ownership experience.
By delivering reliable and consistent results, Canon’s G series printers have positioned themselves as the go-to choice in many households and businesses. For SMEs and larger enterprises, laser printers have established themselves as the go-to choice, catering to the dynamic demands of modern businesses. The mono and colour multi-function laser printers are bestsellers in particular, proving to be indispensable tools for businesses in search of reliable printing solutions.

Is Canon launching any new products in Malaysia this year? 

Certainly. Canon is set to make a significant impact in the Malaysian market this year with the launch of the new G series printer models that cater to both the B2C and B2B segments, along with a new compact photo printer. The upcoming addition to Canon’s comprehensive range of printers stems from Canon’s strive to provide solutions that continuously challenge innovation and meet current market needs. 

Who are Canon’s competitors in Malaysia?

Canon’s competitors comprise companies in the digital imaging solutions sector in Malaysia. Operating within a dynamic and highly competitive landscape, our primary focus remains centered on aligning our performance and solutions to effectively meet the ever-evolving demands of the market, enabling us to navigate the competitive landscape while upholding our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Tell us one product that people don’t know Canon has and needs more love/attention?

A hidden gem and a personal favourite within Canon’s diverse product lineup is the mini projector, a compact-sized marvel that deserves more spotlight. This mini projector packs a punch and brings the immersive experience of a movie theater to any room, transforming ordinary settings into entertainment hubs. It definitely elevates home movie nights – give it a try!

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