Dads’ Day Spending Surges

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Customer data from Father’s Day 2022 has unveiled a heartening trend among Australians, as they embrace the spirit of celebration and appreciation by treating their fathers to memorable dining experiences.
The figures, disclosed by me&u, shed light on a remarkable nationwide surge in average expenditure, showcasing a 28 per cent increase compared to previous years.
This heartwarming revelation underscores the profound value Australians place on family bonds and special occasions.
Furthermore, the statistics spotlight a significant boost in venue revenue, with an impressive 32 per cent surge in comparison to the average revenue of the preceding four Sundays.
This uplift resonates with the essence of Father’s Day as families flock to their local eateries, contributing to an atmosphere of camaraderie and togetherness.
The data also hints at a trend of heightened generosity, as the average number of items ordered per table skyrocketed to 3.5 times the norm observed on the previous four Sundays.
This suggests that families are embracing the opportunity to pamper their fathers and create cherished memories on this significant day.
Surpassing regional boundaries, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) emerges as the front-runner, recording a remarkable 83 per cent surge in venue revenue, indicating that ACT residents take pride in making Father’s Day truly exceptional.
Following closely are Victorians, exhibiting a 49 per cent increase in spending, closely pursued by Queensland with a 39 per cent rise and New South Wales with a commendable 17 per cent growth.Indulgence takes center stage, with both beer and cocktail sales experiencing marked upticks of six per cent and seven per cent respectively.
These figures resonate with the sentiment of raising a glass to honor fathers nationwide. Notably, beer sales on Father’s Day alone climbed by six per cent, with popular variants like Lager, Pacific Ale, and Pale Lager experiencing the highest spikes.
The appreciation for cocktails was equally evident, with an impressive seven per cent increase in sales. Espresso Martini, Margarita, and Mojito topped the list of favorites.As the culinary preferences of Australians come to the forefront, it is clear that chicken dishes hold a special place in fathers’ hearts. Chicken Parmy (Parma), Chicken Schnitty, and Southern Fried Chicken Burger emerged as the most popular orders on Father’s Day 2022, showcasing the timeless appeal of these classic choices.
In a society that cherishes family bonds, the me&u data underscores the significance of Father’s Day as a moment to share quality time and create lasting memories.
The numbers confirm the inclination of Australians to express their gratitude and love through meaningful gestures.
With Father’s Day on the horizon, these heartening insights offer a unique glimpse into the collective spirit of appreciation and unity that defines Australian culture.
Fathers Day Revenue Uplift To Previous Sundays

  • Overall Venue Revenue: +32 per cent
  • Food Revenue: +42 per cent
  • Drink Revenue: +9 per cent

Fathers Day Revenue Uplift To Previous Sunday’s – State Breakdown

  • ACT: +83 per cent
  • VIC: +49 per cent
  • QLD: +39 per cent
  • NSW: +17 per cent

Average Spend Per Order Increase To Previous Sundays

  • Australia: +28 per cent
  • NSW: +24 per cent
  • QLD: +24 per cent
  • VIC: +24 per cent

Average Items Per Order To Previous Sundays

  • Australia: +21 per cent
  • Average of 3.5 items ordered

Beverage Breakdown

  • Beer sales: +6 per cent
  • Highest uplifts: Lager, Pacific Ale, and Pale Lager
  • Cocktail sales: +7 per cent
  • Highest uplifts: Espresso Martini, Margarita, Mojito
  • Non-Alcoholic Sales: +6 per cent
  • Highest uplifts: Soft drinks

Food Breakdown

  • Australia sales: +5 per cent per cent

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