Qantas, Emirates Coordinate Flights

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Sydney, Aug 18: The ACCC has authorized Qantas Airways Ltd, Emirates, and their affiliates, including Jetstar, to continue coordinating passenger and cargo transport operations until 2028.
These operations span routes between Australia and the UK/Europe, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.
ACCC Commissioner Anna Brakey noted that this ongoing coordination will enhance traveler connectivity across various destinations and optimize loyalty rewards program benefits.
Passengers on overlapping Qantas and Emirates routes will benefit from increased flight time and travel options.
However, the ACCC expressed concern about potential competition issues on the Sydney to Christchurch route, as Air New Zealand is the sole operator.
To address this, Qantas and Emirates are required to provide regular updates on passenger revenue and operating costs over the next five years.In summary, the ACCC has approved the continued collaboration between Qantas, Emirates, and affiliates until 2028, with a focus on enhancing travel options and rewards programs.
Nonetheless, careful monitoring will be conducted on the Sydney to Christchurch route to ensure healthy competition.

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