E-Scooter Rules and Safety

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Sydney, Aug 17: E-scooters have become a common sight on Australian streets, offering a convenient and enjoyable mode of transportation without requiring a driver’s license.
However, assuming that normal road rules don’t apply when riding an e-scooter is a misconception that could lead to serious consequences.
Although e-scooters might seem like toys to some, they are classified as vehicles and are subject to similar laws that govern cars and motorcycles.
This message is especially relevant for those with driver’s licenses who might assume they can get away with speeding or disregard blood alcohol limits when riding e-scooters.
It’s a notion that has already led to penalties in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales.
In recent incidents, individuals have been fined and even lost their licenses due to unsafe e-scooter behavior.
Just weeks ago, a Victorian man faced a $1000 fine and a 13-month license suspension for allegedly riding an e-scooter while three times over the legal alcohol limit.
Similarly, a Queensland commuter who was caught speeding at 94km/h without a helmet was fined $575 and faced a six-month disqualification of his driver’s license.
The confusion over penalties often arises from the fact that operating an e-scooter doesn’t always require a driver’s license.
However, this doesn’t exempt e-scooter riders from adhering to road rules and safety regulations. Actions such as drinking while riding, using a mobile phone, or speeding can result in financial and potentially life-threatening consequences, just as they would while driving a car.
Different states in Australia have varying rules for e-scooter usage.
For example, Queensland requires e-scooters to comply with normal road rules when on the road, with a maximum footpath speed of 12km/h.
In Victoria and New South Wales, riding on the footpath is prohibited, while in other states, it’s allowed. Regardless of the jurisdiction, responsible behavior is crucial.
When riding an e-scooter or e-bike, it’s essential to keep left of oncoming bicycles and other personal mobility devices and to follow all road rules.
The lesson is simple: if an action wouldn’t be acceptable in a car or on a motorbike, it’s equally inappropriate on an e-scooter.
As e-scooter usage becomes more widespread, riders must remember that adhering to traffic laws is essential for their safety and the safety of others on the road.

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