CloudMile, MongoDB Boost Digitalization

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Kuala Lumpur, Aug 15: Asia-based AI and cloud technology leader, CloudMile, has unveiled a strategic collaboration with MongoDB, a renowned developer data platform, to offer MongoDB Atlas to CloudMile’s corporate clients. MongoDB Atlas, hosted on Google Cloud, delivers a cloud-native solution to expedite the creation of robust enterprise applications with the required scalability and flexibility.CloudMile’s clientele can now harness MongoDB Atlas to expedite product development, build secure and scalable applications, and gain profound insights from their data. This partnership integrates MongoDB’s fully managed developer data platform with Google Cloud’s open data cloud, creating a fusion of unmatched speed, security, and scalability.

CloudMile, MongoDB Boost Digitalization

Empowering Businesses with Enhanced Data Management

In response to the challenges posed by data silos and sluggish query times, CloudMile and MongoDB’s collaboration offers businesses a modern, cohesive developer data platform that facilitates comprehensive insights into customers, products, and operations.By combining MongoDB Atlas with Google Cloud BigQuery, clients can enrich operational data and enhance customer experiences. MongoDB Atlas adeptly manages real-time operational applications, handling a multitude of concurrent sessions with millisecond response times. Curated data subsets are then replicated to BigQuery for intricate analytics, aggregation, and the application of machine learning.

CloudMile, MongoDB Boost Digitalization

Boosting Efficiency in Mobile Gaming Development

The thriving Asian mobile gaming market, boasting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3 to 5 per cent, has already experienced the advantages of this partnership. CloudMile and MongoDB’s collaboration has significantly lowered operational expenses for a prominent gaming company in Taiwan, granting them the bandwidth to prioritize product development. MongoDB Atlas, supported by CloudMile’s Google Cloud services, offers seamless deployment, scalability, and performance. This synergy streamlines data synchronization, enhancing game developers’ efficiency while maintaining security and resilience.

Enabling Digital Transformation with Tailored Solutions

Leveraging partner products in conjunction with their own, CloudMile is facilitating the seamless deployment of MongoDB Atlas and BigQuery. This empowers businesses to conduct complex, real-time analytics on substantial datasets while dismantling data silos. The collaboration’s aim is to empower customers to securely utilize data across platforms and locations for successful digital transformation journeys.”CloudMile, MongoDB, and Google Cloud are fundamentally committed to breaking down data silos and ensuring that our customers can securely harness the power of data from any source, in any location, and on any platform. We look forward to deepening our collaboration to help businesses of all sizes succeed at every step of their data-driven digital transformation journeys,” said Patrick Wee, Country Manager, Malaysia, Google Cloud.The strategic partnership stands to foster significant synergies, solving industry challenges, building credibility, and establishing trust amongst shared clients. This collaboration is expected to drive growth and success, addressing the evolving needs of businesses in the digital era.

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