Golf’s Top Destinations Revealed

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Sydney, Aug 10: As global interest in golf surges to unprecedented heights, premium hi-tech golf apparel brand Galvin Green conducted an illuminating study that unveils the most sought-after golf courses among enthusiasts.
Leveraging Google Keyword Planner and Instagram data, the research meticulously evaluated golfers’ online engagement with various courses, resulting in a captivating hierarchy of popularity.Leading the charts with an impressive combined golf index score of 98.62 out of 100 is Augusta National, a name synonymous with golf excellence.
Garnering immense attention, Augusta National boasts a monthly average of 54,050 searches worldwide and an astounding 107,199 Instagram posts under #AugustaNational.
As the esteemed host of The Masters, this Georgia-based course stands tall.Claiming the second spot is TPC Sawgrass, the revered locale of The Players Championship. With a staggering monthly average of 73,717 searches from around the globe and 56,552 Instagram posts tagged #TPCSawgrass, TPC Sawgrass commands a golf index score of 95.26, firmly securing its status among golfing enthusiasts.
St Andrews Old Course proudly secures the third position, hailed as the iconic ‘Home of Golf’.
Garnering over 55,317 monthly searches and 45,658 Instagram posts, this storied course boasts a golf index score of 92.39, a testament to its enduring allure.Emirates Golf Club strides in as the fourth most-searched-for course globally, capturing attention with 10,650 average monthly searches and an impressive 26,650 Instagram posts bearing the #EmiratesGolfClub hashtag.
This Dubai-based gem proudly showcases a golfing index score of 81.02 out of 100.Fifth place belongs to the renowned Pebble Beach Golf Links.
With 18,325 monthly searches and 12,015 Instagram posts, this Californian gem commands an index score of 79.01, highlighting its indelible mark on the golfing landscape.Bandon Dunes gracefully occupies the sixth position, boasting a score of 76.78 based on 25,625 average monthly searches and 5,352 Instagram posts.
Situated in Oregon, this facility epitomizes the spirit of Scotland’s ancient links.Abu Dhabi Golf Course and Turnberry (Ailsa course) claim the seventh and eighth spots, respectively.
Abu Dhabi Golf Course shines with a score of 74.56, supported by 8,675 Instagram posts and an average search volume of 5,200.
Turnberry (Ailsa) in Scotland thrives with 9,514 Instagram posts and 3,700 average monthly searches, securing a score of 70.83.
Annelie Backgård Ginstman, Global Marketing Manager at Galvin Green, reflects on the study’s significance: “These top 10 courses in our survey would grace any golfer’s bucket list. What this study shows is just how much interest there is in these top-quality golfing locations and the extent to which golfers want to share their appreciation of them with others.”
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