Coles Adopts Electric Delivery

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Sydney, Aug 10: Coles Online takes a sustainable leap forward with its debut of a fully electric delivery van named “Sparky.”
Operating in Flagstone, Queensland, Sparky will fulfill up to 240 weekly orders emitting fewer emissions and cutting fuel costs by $170 weekly.
Unlike conventional vehicles, the EV won’t idle, contributing to a daily reduction of up to three hours of emissions.
Coles continues its commitment to sustainability by pledging 500 electric fridges in delivery vans along the east coast.
This initiative follows a successful trial and aligns with Coles’ ambition to decrease scope 1 & 2 emissions by over 75 per cent by 2030.
With deliveries covering 95 per cent of Australia, Coles emphasizes its dedication to a greener grocery experience.
The partnership with Custom Fleet supports Coles’ sustainability goals, providing efficient, environmentally friendly delivery options.
Chris Tulloch, CEO of Custom Fleet, applauds the noise-free, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly benefits of the electric vans.
Coles extends its sustainability drive beyond delivery vans, collaborating with Linfox for an electric-powered truck trial, saving over 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.
Moreover, Coles pioneers electric yard tractors with Toll Group and Nexport, showcasing near-continuous operation and zero emissions.Coles champions greener practices, ensuring a brighter and more eco-conscious future for grocery delivery.

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