Fitness Goals: Dietitian’s Guidance

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According to recent research findings, the Australian fitness industry has experienced a remarkable surge over the past few years, with more than 16 per cent of Australians actively participating in various physical activities, including sports and gym activities.  Alongside this, searches for ‘meal prep ideas’ have surged to more than 9,900 per month, while ‘meal prep’ itself has seen over 8,000 searches in Australia.  
These figures show the nationwide interest in physical activity and highlight the significance of understanding the connection between exercise and a balanced diet, enabling individuals to effectively reach their fitness goals. 
Taking this into consideration and aiming to offer guidance and advice to individuals pursuing their fitness journey or just getting started, Senior Director of Product Development, and Accredited Practising Dietitian Hannah Gilbert, at ready-to-heat delivery service, YouFoodz has shared her valuable insights on how meal prepping and exercise go hand in hand in achieving your goals.  

Meal prep helps with planning your nutrient and calorie intake

“If you’re keeping a close eye on your calories and nutrients then meal prep allows for greater control. Measuring your weekly breakfast, lunch and evening meals means you are aware of how many calories you’ve eaten, the amount of protein you’ve consumed, and if you’ve had your five serves of vegetables and fruit a day.  Batch cooking  delicious, healthy and protein-packed meals days in advance can be very helpful to assist you achieving your health goals” 

Have ready made meals straight after your gym session

“Meal prep also means you can spend more time at the gym, and less time at home cooking afterwards, so where you’re saving 30 minutes, why not add the time onto the treadmill? Or take an exercise class?” 

Meal prep allows you to be creative with your healthy eating

“Sometimes people are put off by healthy eating because it doesn’t scream “delicious meals”, however it can be the exact opposite. Meal prep gives you the time to be creative with the recipes you try, and allows you to make healthy eating, tasty.”

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