Aurelius Nilai – Health Screening Review

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By June Ramli

Health is wealth, and with that in mind, I decided to review the health screening services at Aurelius Hospital Nilai, Malaysia.
As a Malaysian living overseas or a tourist intending to visit Malaysia for medical tourism purposes, this earnest review will help you make informed decisions.

Aurelius Hospital Nilai.
The signboard leading to the Aurelius Hospital Nilai, Seremban, Malaysia.

On July 28, I arrived at the hospital for my comprehensive health screening appointment feeling nervous as I had never done one before.
Prior to the appointment, I was requested to fast from 10pm the night before, as I could only eat after my blood test was completed the following day.
It had been close to three years since my last check-up in Sydney, Australia, where check-ups were primarily blood tests, and additional tests like ECG, mammograms, and pap smears were not commonly recommended.
To my surprise, the level of healthcare offered by hospitals in Malaysia, including Aurelius Hospital Nilai, exceeded what I had experienced in Sydney.
The hospitals in Malaysia provided superior care, with easily obtainable appointments and a wide range of health screening packages to suit different needs.

Aurelius Health - Comprehensive Health Screening Review.
The hospital lobby at the Aurelius Hospital Nilai in Seremban, Malaysia.

My health screening at Aurelius Hospital began with a urine test, followed by an ECG to check my heart condition.
For the ECG, they required me to semi-strip and placed cables near my breast to monitor my heart’s activity.
While I didn’t need to undress completely, my bra had to be slightly lifted.
Next, they conducted the blood test, measured my weight, height, and blood pressure.

There are ample of cafes available at the Aurelius Hospital Nilai, Seremban, Malaysia.

The blood test was a bit painful, as the nurse used a larger needle compared to what I was used to in Sydney.
After that, I was asked to drink three glasses of water to prepare for a pelvic X-ray. During the X-ray, they verified my identity by asking for my name and ID.
Then, I changed into a hospital gown quickly for the X-ray, which was done in a flash.
Following the X-ray, I was directed to another room for a mammogram, but I found the experience to be very painful.
Thankfully, they offered an alternative option – an ultrasound.
The nurse applied gel to my breast and used an ultrasound machine to examine it, which was a more comfortable experience.
The doctor who conducted the ultrasound was great, understanding, and patient.

Aurelius Health - Comprehensive Health Screening Review.
The writer in her hospital gown and just before getting X-rayed.

After checking my breast, she proceeded to examine my pelvic area, which required a full bladder for better visibility.
Once all the tests were completed, I waited downstairs to see the doctor for the results.
Thankfully, everything turned out well for me, and the doctor provided a detailed assessment based on the blood test results and X-rays.
After completing their check-up, patients are typically provided with their medical reports, including X-rays.
The entire health screening experience lasted from 9am to 2pm.
Despite the time, the cost of the health screening was much cheaper than what I would have paid in Kuala Lumpur.
The hospital is conveniently located near various shops and hotels, making it convenient for medical tourists.

Payment Point: Conveniently settle your bills at Aurelius Hospital Nilai.
Payment Point: Conveniently settle your bills at Aurelius Hospital Nilai.

For those planning to get a procedure done in Aurelius Hospital Nilai, there are limousine services available where the hospital sends a customer service representative to attend to you right from the time you land in Malaysia.
Walk-ins are accepted, and medical tourists are requested to pay a deposit of RM300 on-site, which will be deducted from the total bill.
Treatment prices are the same for both foreigners and locals.
The staff at Aurelius Hospital Nilai are multilingual and proficient in English and Indonesian Malay, allowing them to effectively communicate with a diverse range of patients and provide quality healthcare services.
To get to Aurelius Hospital from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, you can use Grab, private taxi services, or take a bus and train.
Alternatively, the hospital offers a limousine service with a customer service representative to pick you up upon request.
In conclusion, I highly recommend Aurelius Hospital Nilai, Malaysia, for comprehensive health screening.
The facility provides excellent healthcare services at a reasonable cost, making it an attractive option for both locals and medical tourists alike.

Editor’s Note: The writer experienced a complimentary health screening as a guest at the renowned Aurelius Hospital Nilai, and subsequently provided a review. To schedule your upcoming appointment with Aurelius Hospital from anywhere in the world, simply reach out via WhatsApp at +6012-3607870 or email

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