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Kuala Lumpur, July 26: BLACKMORES, a renowned natural health company, proudly unveils its groundbreaking campaign, “An Ocean of Goodness in Every Capsule.”
At the heart of this initiative lies the firm commitment to quality, sustainability, and cutting-edge research, all aimed at creating exceptional products that promote holistic well-being.
Driven by stringent standards, BLACKMORES’ products undergo rigorous testing for potency, purity, and overall quality. Crafted in GMP certified facilities, these health supplements have undergone extensive safety and quality assurance measures.
As a long-standing advocate of sustainability, BLACKMORES takes ethical fishing practices to heart, sourcing small fishes with minimal contamination issues like mercury.
Kumaran Chandrasergaran, Country Manager of BLACKMORES Malaysia and Singapore, emphasizes their dedication to providing sustainable, premium health supplements that not only benefit consumers but also safeguard our precious oceans.

Blackmores Ocean of Goodness Fish Oil.

Recognizing the critical role of sustainability in the marine ecosystem, BLACKMORES launches the “An Ocean of Goodness in Every Capsule” campaign with a generous commitment. For every BLACKMORES Omega-3 Fish Oil product purchased, RM 1 will be donated to the esteemed Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS).
This impactful contribution will aid the TCS in their noble mission to conserve freshwater turtles in Malaysia, as expressed by Dr. Chen Pelf Nyok, Co-founder, and Executive Director of the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia.
To bring this initiative closer to the public, BLACKMORES has partnered with Watsons, the leading health and beauty retailer in Malaysia.
Together, they are hosting an engaging roadshow at LG Concourse, Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur, from the July 24 to 30.
Visitors can gain insights into the myriad benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil while Watsons members will enjoy attractive promotions on BLACKMORES’ product range.
Caryn Loh, Managing Director at Watsons Malaysia, lauds this collaboration as a significant stride in promoting environmentally friendly omega-3 fish oil products, aligning with Watsons Malaysia’s commitment to sustainability. Moreover, this partnership enables the esteemed customers of Watsons to access high-quality, eco-conscious Omega-3 Fish Oil products, making a positive impact on both personal health and the planet.
With the “An Ocean of Goodness in Every Capsule” campaign, BLACKMORES and Watsons are setting new standards in advocating sustainable health choices, nurturing a healthier world for generations to come.

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