Brother’s Label Software Integration

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Sydney, July 25: Brother International Australia (BIA) has recently announced the integration of its label design software, P-touch Editor, with its latest range of Thermal Transfer and Industrial Label Printers. This decision came in response to the high demand from end users who have been requesting support for the TD-4T and Titan TJ Series printers.
P-touch Editor is a free software that enables users to design and print labels in-house, providing various features such as barcodes, logos, text, graphics, and more. Unlike other label printer brands that require customers to buy additional software, Brother’s P-touch Editor comes at no extra cost.
According to David Molloy, BIA’s Mobile Printing and Labelling Specialist, this extension of P-touch Editor eliminates the need for expensive third-party software, making label printing more cost-effective for businesses across different industries. He also highlighted that Brother provides quality customer support for the lifetime of their products, including assistance with P-touch Editor.
One of the notable features of P-touch Editor is its ability to connect and print labels in bulk from a database. Users can print files from various formats like Microsoft Excel (xls), TXT, CSV, Microsoft Access (mdb), or SQL Server MSDE, which can save time and effort for busy workforces.
P-touch Editor is expected to offer value to businesses in various industries, including warehousing and logistics, food and beverage, and more.
By expanding P-touch Editor to their Thermal Transfer and Industrial Label Printers, Brother International Australia demonstrates their commitment to meeting their customers’ evolving needs and solidifies their position as an industry leader in the label printing space.

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