TikTok’s Cosy Cooking Trend

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HelloFresh, a leading meal kit delivery service, has conducted new research showcasing TikTok’s latest foodie trend for the winter season: Cosy Cooking. With over 25 million views on the popular app, this trend combines comforting recipes with immersive audio, providing a delightful viewing experience for food enthusiasts.
Winter is often associated with hearty and warming dishes, and the Cosy Cooking trend on FoodTok embraces this concept.
From stews and soups to pies and one-pot dinners, these recipes offer the perfect way to warm up during the chilly months.
To celebrate this trend, HelloFresh experts have revealed the top winter food trends for 2023, allowing people to try their hand at creating these cozy dishes at home.
One of the predicted trends is the resurgence of retro classics from the 80s, such as chowder and meatloaves.
Packed with flavors and offering a satisfyingly hearty punch, these beloved household dinners are set to make a comeback and provide comfort during the winter months.
Additionally, one-pot and slow-cooked meals are gaining popularity.
As people embrace the convenience of eating at home, these dishes offer the perfect solution.
Whether it’s your mum or dad using the slow cooker for a season’s service or simply popping ingredients into a pot and leaving them to cook, these meals provide both convenience and a delicious outcome.
Plus, fewer dishes to clean means more time to enjoy the cozy atmosphere.
Pies are another winter favorite among Australians and serve as an excellent way to incorporate veggies into meals.
For a rich and flavorful experience, slow-cook the pie filling for a couple of hours before finishing it in the oven.
As TikTok’s Cosy Cooking trend continues to captivate millions, HelloFresh’s research sheds light on the top winter food trends for 2023.
From retro classics to one-pot wonders and hearty pies, these dishes are sure to warm the hearts and bellies of food enthusiasts throughout the winter season.

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