Barbie-Inspired Dream Home

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As we approach the highly anticipated release of the Margot Robbie-starring film “Barbie,” the influence of the iconic doll extends beyond the silver screen.
Prepare for a wave of pink to sweep not only our movie theaters and wardrobes but also our very own homes.
Luxo Living presents an array of stunning pink pieces, perfect for those planning Barbie-themed décor stories or anyone seeking to infuse their space with a touch of whimsical charm.
From vibrant bubble gum pink chairs to elegantly subdued blush sofas, there’s a piece to suit every individual’s taste along the enchanting (pink) color spectrum.
Join us as we explore how to embrace this bold trend with insights from Luxo Living’s own Winston Tu, who will guide you on incorporating the Barbie-Core style seamlessly into your home.
Get ready to make a statement with pink-inspired home décor that will captivate and inspire.

Kelly Velvet Bed Frame
Sollia 3-seater Sofa
Ange Velvet Dining Chair Set
Fayette Kids Bed 

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