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Melbourne, July 17: After a prolonged hiatus due to the global pandemic, the highly anticipated 9th Australian Pencak Silat Championship is set to make a comeback this year.
Taking place at the prestigious Collingwood Town Hall in Melbourne on Nov 11 this national competition is expected to attract top martial artists from across the country.
The registration deadline of July 30th is fast approaching, urging athletes to seize the opportunity and submit their entries.
Lee Edmondson, a prominent figure within Pencak Silat Australia—an organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of Pencak Silat—expressed great enthusiasm for the return of the National Pencak Silat Titles.
“Athletes from all corners of Australia will soon showcase their skills and vie for the esteemed title of the best Pencak Silat Martial Artist in the country,” Edmondson said.
In addition, winners and exceptional performers will earn the privilege of representing Australia at the forthcoming Pencak Silat World Championship, a biennial event held in various South-East Asian countries.
Pencak Silat Australia is currently accepting expressions of interest from athletes eager to participate in this prestigious event.
Those interested in joining this thrilling competition are encouraged to contact Lee Edmondson for more information and to learn how they can get involved.
The opportunity to represent Australia at the Pencak Silat World Championship is one that should not be missed, as stated by Lee Edmondson, the proprietor of Pencak Silat Australia.
Edmondson, who himself is an active athlete and coach, represented Australia during the Pencak Silat World Championships in Bali, Indonesia in 2016.
“There has never been a better chance to represent Australia at a World Championship,” he declared.
Despite being in its nascent stages in Australia, Pencak Silat has been steadily gaining popularity, particularly since the introduction of new rules that have made it more appealing to practitioners of various martial arts styles.
The sport’s diversity of techniques has attracted martial artists from different backgrounds. Furthermore, Pencak Silat has recently been included in the Asian Games and is on the path to becoming an Olympic Sport in the near future.
Edmondson emphasized the need for athletes and martial artists from various disciplines to seize the moment and become involved in this rapidly growing sport, also known as Sport Silat.
By doing so, they can gain a competitive advantage and the opportunity to represent their country.
With increasing competitiveness expected in the coming years, now is the ideal time for athletes to embark on their Pencak Silat journey.
Interested individuals are invited to contact Lee Edmondson of Pencak Silat Australia to express their desire to represent Australia at the next World Championships.

About Pencak Silat:

Pencak Silat is a traditional martial art originating from South-East Asia, with over 800 known styles in Indonesia alone. During the Dutch occupation, Indonesian styles of Pencak Silat were disguised as dance forms, with the most effective techniques concealed within the art. Following Indonesia’s independence at the end of World War II, Pencak Silat played a crucial role, leading to its official recognition as a sport. The sport now holds a World Championship every two years across South-East Asia.

Key Facts:

  • Australian Pencak Silat Championship to be held on November 11th, 2023
  • Registration for the National Titles closes on July 30th, 2023
  • Winners and outstanding performers will have the opportunity to represent Australia at the World Championship.

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