Revolutionary Hospital Operations Solution

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Melbourne, July 7: Alcidion Group Limited (ASX: ALC) and Olinqua have announced a strategic partnership and the launch of Miya Central, a groundbreaking technology solution aimed at reducing hospital wait times, relieving pressure on staff, and improving patient outcomes in Australia’s healthcare system.
Miya Central, an intelligent command center, will revolutionize hospital operations by streamlining processes, enhancing patient care, improving the experience for care workers, and shortening emergency department (ED) waiting times.
Miya Central is an affordable and easy-to-deploy solution that empowers hospitals with predictive and prescriptive analytic capabilities.
It enables the identification of operational inefficiencies, data-driven decision-making, and continuous improvement. The solution will target issues such as access block and ramping, patient flow and length of stay (LoS), and discharge management and readmittance.
Real-time metrics and visualizations will provide an accurate snapshot of a healthcare facility’s current state, allowing for improved asset tracking, patient and staff safety, automated workflows, and insights for coordinated improvements across the system.
The establishment of a hospital operations center, or ‘command center,’ is increasingly vital for health leaders in Australia and globally.
Miya Central disrupts traditional command center offerings with its cloud-based, modular, and cost-effective approach, overcoming challenges associated with data access, complex implementation, and long deployment timelines.
The solution is designed to be affordable and easily accessible for all Australian hospitals.
By consolidating hospital-wide data, Miya Central enables both automated processes and human decision-making, providing full transparency across clinical and operational fronts.
It facilitates swift responses to emergencies, reduces patient flow delays, optimizes business processes, and enhances day-to-day operations.
The collaboration between Alcidion and Olinqua combines the clinical integration capabilities of Alcidion’s Miya Precision platform with the operational integration capabilities of Olinqua’s intelligent automation platform.
This integration allows for rapid and transparent monitoring of patient data, healthcare system status, and core facility information.
The partnership between Alcidion and Olinqua aims to deliver an innovative command center solution that redefines hospital operations.
The initial launch of Miya Central is planned to coincide with the MedInfo 2023 conference in Sydney on July 8-12.

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