Alibaba Cloud Empowers Creativity

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Kuala Lumpur, July 7: Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence arm of Alibaba Group, has introduced its latest AI image generation model, Tongyi Wanxiang, at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2023. The cutting-edge generative AI model is now available for beta testing to enterprise customers in China. Alongside this announcement, Alibaba Cloud has launched ModelScopeGPT, a versatile framework designed to assist users in accomplishing complex AI tasks across language, vision, and speech domains by leveraging various AI models on ModelScope.
Jingren Zhou, CTO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, expressed the significance of Tongyi Wanxiang in advancing generative AI models and enabling businesses to unleash creativity and productivity. The model enables the generation of high-quality imagery in various styles, including watercolors, oil painting, animation, and more. It can also transform images into new ones with similar styles and apply style transfer to stylize images while preserving their content.
Tongyi Wanxiang leverages Alibaba Cloud’s innovative technologies in knowledge arrangement, visual AI, and natural language processing (NLP). It benefits from multilingual materials for enhanced training and offers robust semantic comprehension for accurate and contextually relevant image generation. With optimized high-resolution diffusion processes, the model strikes a balance between composition accuracy, detail sharpness, and high-contrast visuals with clean backgrounds.
The development of Tongyi Wanxiang relied on Composer, Alibaba Cloud’s proprietary large model that provides greater control over the final image output, including spatial layout and palette, while maintaining image synthesis quality and creativity.
In addition to Tongyi Wanxiang, Alibaba Cloud also launched ModelScopeGPT, which harnesses the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) available on the platform. ModelScopeGPT serves as a framework that connects domain-specific expert models within the ModelScope open-source community. Enterprises and developers can leverage ModelScopeGPT for sophisticated AI tasks, leveraging the diverse capabilities offered by Alibaba Cloud.
Alibaba Cloud’s focus on AI models extends beyond these launches. They recently hosted an AI Hackathon in China to encourage industrial applications of AI models, providing incentives such as cash prize awards and funding opportunities from leading venture capital firms. Through competitions and community events, Alibaba Cloud aims to engage with developers and entrepreneurs, encouraging them to bring their ideas to life and create versatile AI tools that shape the future of industries.
With these advancements in AI image generation and framework development, Alibaba Cloud continues to empower businesses and drive innovation in the AI landscape.

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