MagicBrief Secures $2M Funding

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Sydney-based startup MagicBrief has recently secured financial backing from prominent tech investors in Australia, propelling its mission to assist marketing teams and agencies in fostering brand survival and success through enhanced agility. The company aims to address the outdated creative processes still prevalent among modern marketing teams by offering a comprehensive platform for streamlined workflows and improved creative output.
MagicBrief, co-founded by George Howes and Dan Nolan, emerged from the observation that many big brands, despite moving away from traditional agency models and bringing creative teams in-house, continued to rely on obsolete creative processes. Recognizing the opportunity to modernize marketing efforts, the founders joined forces to establish MagicBrief.
In a successful pre-seed funding round, MagicBrief raised AUD $2 million in investment led by Nick Crocker at Blackbird VC in collaboration with Archangel Ventures. Other notable investors include Zach Klein, founder of Vimeo; Matt Miller, founder of UsTwo; Tim Doyle, founder of Eucalyptus; Alex Badran, founder of Spriggy; and Craig Piggot, founder of Halter. The funding will primarily be utilized to assemble the founding team and refine the company’s initial product offering.
According to George Howes, the CEO of MagicBrief, creative holds significant leverage in performance marketing. However, while numerous tech products focus on analytics, tracking, and attribution, the creative aspect has often been overlooked in marketing technology. MagicBrief aims to fill this gap by enabling marketing teams to rapidly generate proven concepts that drive sales, ensuring a high output of impactful creative.
Despite being a relatively young platform, MagicBrief has already garnered attention from industry leaders such as health-tech startup Eucalyptus, Solawave, Lyka, and Darkroom. Notably, MagicBrief’s product has helped Yes You Can, a canned mocktail maker, reduce acquisition costs by an impressive 85 percent. The platform has attracted thousands of users from high-performance marketing teams globally, with its largest market being the United States.
MagicBrief combines three key elements into a single platform: sourcing inspiration, concept development, and briefing. This comprehensive approach empowers brands to discover their voice and aesthetic, generate ideas with sales potential, and provide creators with brand knowledge, values, and creative guidelines. MagicBrief streamlines the creative process, allowing users to swiftly progress from inspiration to a finished asset ready for deployment.
The successful launch of MagicBrief can be attributed to both its innovative solution and impeccable timing. Economic pressures and the need for cost optimization have prompted startups and established brands alike to build smaller in-house creative teams. Moreover, the rise of short-form interest-based video content, driven by platforms like TikTok, has created a demand for a growing number of assets that many companies struggle to produce efficiently.
The AUD $2 million investment will enable MagicBrief to further develop its flagship product and enhance its offering, which now includes MagicAI—a tool currently in beta testing that dissects other brands’ advertisements. By harnessing the power of proven creative work and leveraging algorithms behind major social media platforms, MagicBrief aims to provide brands with a cost-effective, high-quality creative output that delivers tangible results in record time.
With MagicBrief’s innovative solution and industry support, the company is poised to revolutionize creative processes in the marketing industry, empowering brands to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their goals with agility and efficiency.

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