US Cocktail Book Launches

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Sydney, July 5: Australian bartenders collaborate with ‘Cheers! Spirits from the USA’ for a remarkable cocktail book featuring 23 renowned mixologists.
This exciting project showcases the diverse flavors and exceptional craftsmanship of American spirits. The bartenders involved, including Matthew Dale, Corby Small, Sebastian Terreux, Ana Marie, and Stu Inger, represent the best in their field, each contributing their favorite cocktail recipes.
Featuring renowned American spirit brands such as Angel’s Envy, Jack Daniels, Maker’s Mark, Old Forester, Sagamore Spirit, Wild Turkey, Westland, Westward American Single Malt Whiskey, and Woodford Reserve, this book offers a wide range of cocktail options. From classics like the Manhattan, Whiskey Sour, and Old Fashioned, to the enchanting Sazerac, there is a recipe to suit every adult spirits enthusiast’s taste.

Aussie bartenders launch US cocktail book
Aussie bartenders launch US cocktail book

Starting on July 4 the cocktail book will be available for free download as an e-version, allowing readers to explore the world of American spirits and discover new cocktail creations.
For those who prefer a more tactile experience, hard copies of the book will be accessible at the participating venues.
This collaborative effort between Australia’s finest bartenders and ‘Cheers! Spirits from the USA celebrates the artistry and adaptability of American spirits, inviting cocktail connoisseurs to savor this delightful compilation of recipes and indulge in the world of mixology.

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