Indigenous Woman’s Royal Recognition

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Petina Tieman, an Australian Indigenous woman, has emerged as a beacon of hope and empowerment, inspiring hundreds of disadvantaged individuals to grow their businesses. Despite a childhood marred by abuse and adversity, Tieman now shares her story worldwide, spreading inspiration and making a positive impact on others’ lives.
Tieman’s journey began with tragedy when her father passed away in a car accident while her mother was five months pregnant with her. She endured a life filled with constant transition, physical and sexual abuse, and her mother’s multiple abusive marriages. Each broken marriage meant severing ties with extended family and friends. At the age of 15, Tieman experienced sexual assault by her employer, and later that year, her mother abandoned her to move interstate with a man who had previously been imprisoned for murder. This man subjected Tieman and her younger sister to significant sexual abuse.
Determined to break the cycle of hardship, Tieman embraced education and personal development, devoting 12 years to studying various business, training, and counseling qualifications. Through her initiative, she provided support and guidance to women in need, igniting her passion for helping others on their entrepreneurial journeys.
Despite facing immense challenges, including financial hardships, bankruptcy, and a tumultuous relationship, Tieman persisted. She achieved international acclaim with her conceptualization, development, and launch of the Legacy of the Sydney Olympic Games. However, this success came at the cost of quality time with her daughter, leading her to relocate to the Gold Coast to start anew. During this period, Tieman met her current husband, and together they established two micro businesses, navigating personal and professional hardships.
Drawing from her own experiences, Tieman now serves as a Copreneurs Coach, supporting couples who run businesses together to overcome challenges and prevent business failure and divorce. She also focuses on empowering disadvantaged individuals, particularly women from regional, rural, and remote areas of Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. Recognized as one of Australia’s most awarded businesswomen, she recently co-authored a book titled “Women Leading the Way” with other influential figures.
Tieman’s contributions and achievements have gained global recognition, leading to invitations to speak at summits in London and Paris, as well as receiving three global awards at the prestigious Women Changing the World Awards. Her commitment to making a difference extends beyond her business endeavors, as she actively volunteers on Queensland Government Boards and consults with multiple government agencies on policy and program development. Her expertise in Indigenous business and regional small business has earned her 30 contracts across three tiers of government.
Raised without knowledge of her Aboriginal heritage until the age of 35, Tieman now embraces her connection to Indigenous people and country. She works with approximately 300 clients each year, utilizing a unique methodology that combines counseling, spiritual healing, business coaching, and mentoring. The majority of her clients, predominantly women, come from disadvantaged or abused backgrounds, often residing in remote areas with limited access to education, resources, and support.
Despite the adversities she has faced, Tieman lives by her mantra of finding the positive and learning from negative or toxic situations. She uses her experiences to fuel her aspirations, inspire others, and work towards her goals and dreams. Her accomplishments have surpassed expectations, including being featured in social media posts by the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, and renowned women’s empowerment advocate Dr. Tererai Trent.
Tieman’s resilience and commitment to change continue to transform lives and communities through education, empowerment, collaboration, and connectivity. Her dedication to creating economic opportunities and breaking the cycle of disadvantage exemplifies the power of determination and compassion. Tieman lives her life passionately, helping and healing others because she knows what it’s like to lack support. This story resonates with many First Nations people and women in regional and rural areas worldwide.
Most recently, Tieman acquired Australian Women In Business Pty Ltd, boasting 2,100 women in business across Australia. She has assembled a team of women mentors and coaches, including First Nations representatives and young professionals. This company aims to provide mentoring, coaching, business support services, boot camps, retreats, and other services solely focused on helping women achieve quality business outcomes without unnecessary fluff.

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