Spritzer Launches Label-Free Bottles

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Kuala Lumpur, June 23: Spritzer, a leading company in the beverage industry, is proud to introduce its latest sustainability initiative: label-free bottles made from 100 percent recyclable materials for Spritzer’s silica-rich Natural Mineral Water. This endeavor represents our commitment to reducing plastic usage and minimizing our environmental footprint.
Rest assured, the exceptional quality of Spritzer Natural Mineral Water remains unchanged, sourced from the pristine protected springs of Taiping, Perak. The bottles are crafted using recycled plastics that can be further recycled, aligning with our vision for a greener future. Recognized for its superior taste, Spritzer Natural Mineral Water has received the esteemed three-star Superior Taste Award 2022 from the Brussels-based International Taste Institute.
To kickstart this initiative, the label-free bottles will initially have limited distribution, now available through our Spritzer online store and Spritzer EcoPark.
Customers can still enjoy the same well-balanced, high-quality water in the 1.25-liter and 550-milliliter options, ideal for brewing coffee or tea and culinary purposes.
This sustainable packaging advancement signifies our dedication to becoming a fully circular brand by 2030, as we strive to provide consumers with our natural mineral water in a more eco-conscious manner. It is our responsibility to protect and cherish nature, which serves as the foundation of our operations.
As part of our broader environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts, Spritzer urges individuals to embrace greater environmental responsibility. By taking small steps towards sustainability, such as choosing eco-friendly products, together we can make a significant positive impact on the health of our planet, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

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