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Curve Riser

Introducing the Curve Riser by Twelve South – the perfect accessory to elevate your workspace and enhance your productivity.
The Curve Riser is a sleek and stylish stand designed to elevate your monitor or laptop, providing an ergonomic viewing angle that promotes better posture and reduces neck and eye strain. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this premium stand combines functionality with an aesthetic appeal that complements any modern workspace.
With its sturdy aluminum construction, the Curve Riser provides a stable and secure platform for your device, whether it’s a laptop, monitor, or even an external display. Its elevated design not only frees up valuable desk space but also allows for better airflow, preventing your device from overheating during intense work sessions.
Adjustability is key, and the Curve Riser delivers with its customizable design. The stand offers a variety of height options, allowing you to find the perfect viewing position that suits your comfort and work style. Whether you prefer a higher position for a standing desk setup or a lower position for seated work, the Curve Riser can adapt to your needs.
Beyond its ergonomic benefits, the Curve Riser also features a cable management system that keeps your workspace tidy and clutter-free. The integrated cable slot discreetly routes your cables, ensuring a clean and organized setup. No more tangled wires or distractions – just a clean and focused workspace that boosts your productivity.
Compatible with a wide range of devices, the Curve Riser is versatile and adaptable. It works seamlessly with laptops, monitors, and even external keyboards, making it a versatile addition to any setup. Its sleek and minimalistic design effortlessly blends into any workspace aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to your environment.
Invest in the Curve Riser by Twelve South and take your workspace to new heights. Experience the benefits of an elevated viewing angle, improved posture, and a clutter-free desk. Elevate your productivity and embrace a more comfortable and stylish work environment with the Curve Riser.

HoverBar Duo

Introducing the HoverBar Duo, the ultimate flexible arm that unlocks the full potential of your iPad. With its versatile design, this multi-tool is built to empower your creativity and productivity like never before.
The HoverBar Duo comes with a weighted desktop base and an adjustable shelf clamp, providing you with multiple usage options. Whether you’re working on serious creative projects or simply need a helping hand in the kitchen, this innovative tool has got you covered. Attach it to your iPad and watch as it becomes your go-to companion for a wide range of tasks.
Experience the freedom of positioning your iPad or iPhone in infinite angles, heights, and positions. The HoverBar Duo allows you to find the perfect viewing angle for any situation, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience. From FaceTime calls to video conferences, effortlessly hold your device at eye level, providing a professional and engaging experience.
Switching between the weighted desktop stand and the adjustable shelf clamp is now a breeze, thanks to the new QuickSwitch Tab. With a simple flick, you can seamlessly transition between setups, adapting to your needs in seconds. The second-generation HoverBar Duo takes convenience to a whole new level.
Available in Black or the sleek New Matte White finish, the HoverBar Duo is designed to match your desk or workspace perfectly. Whether you prefer a classic aesthetic or a modern touch, this versatile tool effortlessly blends in with your surroundings, adding a touch of elegance to your setup.
Take your iPad experience to new heights with the HoverBar Duo. Enhance your creativity, boost your productivity, and enjoy the flexibility and convenience it brings to your daily tasks. Elevate your iPad game and embrace the possibilities with the HoverBar Duo – the ultimate companion for your iPad journey.


Introducing ParcSlope, the hybrid stand that pays attention to every detail, making a big impact on your comfort and productivity. Designed to elevate MacBook screens and enhance iPad usage, this versatile stand is a game-changer for both MacBook and iPad users.
With ParcSlope, MacBook users can say goodbye to uncomfortable neck strain and hello to improved ergonomics. By raising the MacBook screen to a more comfortable viewing height, this stand helps maintain a better posture, reducing the risk of discomfort during long work sessions. Not only that, but ParcSlope also promotes increased airflow around your MacBook, resulting in a cooler and quieter operating experience.
iPad users will find joy in the 18-degree sketching and typing angle that ParcSlope provides. Whether you’re working on creative projects or simply engaging in desktop activities, this stand offers the perfect angle for a comfortable and productive experience. Say goodbye to awkward positions and hello to a more natural and enjoyable workflow.
Crafted with precision curves and special ridges, ParcSlope showcases its meticulous design and attention to detail. The sleek metal stands not only adds a touch of elegance to your workspace but also provide a stable and secure platform for your devices. Built-in cable management ensures a clutter-free setup, allowing for grab-n-go convenience whenever you need it.
Experience the transformation that ParcSlope brings to your MacBook and iPad usage. From improved ergonomics to enhanced airflow and the perfect sketching/typing angle, this hybrid stand is a must-have for anyone seeking a more comfortable and productive work experience. Don’t settle for ordinary stands when you can elevate your devices with ParcSlope and enjoy the little details that make a big difference.

Curve Flex

Meet Curve Flex, the MacBook stand as flexible and mobile as MacBook. Position Curve Flex as a desktop wedge or elevate it for the perfect desktop setup. Flex the stand up to 22 inches for eye-level video calls or to align your MacBook screen with your external display. When it’s time to switch locations, fold Flex and slip it into the included neoprene travel sleeve.

Introducing Curve Flex, the epitome of flexibility, portability, and elegance in a MacBook stand. Designed to perfectly complement your MacBook, this stand adapts to your needs, providing custom angles and remarkable portability.
Curve Flex offers the ultimate versatility. Position it as a desktop wedge to elevate your MacBook screen for a more comfortable viewing experience. Whether you’re working, streaming, or attending video calls, the stand can be flexed up to 22 inches, bringing your camera to eye level and ensuring a professional appearance during virtual meetings. Aligning your MacBook screen with an external display? Curve Flex has got you covered, providing the perfect alignment and enhancing your workflow.
Take control of your typing experience by adjusting the keyboard angle with ease. Curve Flex allows you to tilt your keyboard at any angle from 0 to 45 degrees, ensuring optimal comfort and reducing strain during long typing sessions. Find the perfect angle that suits your preferences and work style, enhancing your productivity and comfort.
When it’s time to pack up and move, Curve Flex is designed to be amazingly portable. Thanks to its foldable design, the stand easily collapses and becomes flat, allowing you to slip it into the included neoprene travel sleeve. Carry it with you wherever your MacBook goes, ensuring you always have the perfect setup no matter where you work or play.
Elegance meets functionality with Curve Flex. Available in Matte Black or Matte White, this sleek and stylish stand adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace. Its minimalist design seamlessly integrates with your MacBook, enhancing the overall aesthetic and elevating your setup to new heights.
Experience the convenience and flexibility that Curve Flex brings to your MacBook experience. Elevate your screen, adjust your keyboard angle, and enjoy the portability that allows you to work wherever you go. Embrace the elegant curves, custom angles, and amazing portability of Curve Flex, the perfect companion for your MacBook journey.

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