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Sydney, June 21: Le Wagon, a recognized EdTech leader specializing in intensive coding and data training, is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of its new campus in Sydney starting in October this year.
This expansion aims to alleviate the talent crunch in the field of coding and data analysis, which is in high demand across industries.
In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, proficiency in coding, data analysis, and emerging technologies has become crucial for companies. According to the National Skills Commission’s 2022 Skills Priority List, software and applications programmers rank as the second most sought-after skills, following nursing, in Australia. The country is currently experiencing a shortage of coding and data skills, with ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse reporting a need for an additional 60,000 skilled ICT workers annually.
Le Wagon’s presence in Sydney will offer an accelerated pathway for locals to enter the tech industry without committing to lengthy degree programs. Drawing from its successful collaboration with Google in France, where Le Wagon’s courses are part of the “Digital & AI boot camp” curriculum, the new Sydney campus will provide comprehensive training in Software Engineering and Data Analytics within a condensed nine-week timeframe. Additionally, Le Wagon Sydney will introduce introductory tech courses at the University of Sydney Business School.

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Co-founder Romain Paillard expresses his delight with this expansion, stating, “We are thrilled and proud to open this new campus, marking another significant milestone in our mission to provide comprehensive training to as many individuals as possible. Our goal is to empower everyone to succeed in the professions of the future. By facilitating access to the necessary skills for individuals and companies, we can ensure they stay abreast of the profound changes happening in our society. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with our trusted partners to enhance the technological capabilities and competitiveness of Australian startups and companies.”
Joining Le Wagon’s programs, renowned for their high job placement rates of 93 percent within three months and 98 percent within six months, has been transformative for numerous participants. Former customer service consultant at International Rail, Maite Eguren Brown, transitioned to become a software engineer at Atlassian. Joseph Gulay, previously a chocolate engineer at Mars, successfully pivoted to a career as a data analyst at Ernst & Young.
Gulay shares his experience, saying, “I was always drawn to the tech field, so I sought ways to fast-track my journey into data science. That’s when I discovered Le Wagon.
The boot camp had excellent reviews and outcomes, and it offered everything I was looking for in terms of course material and support. The positive interaction I had with the team sealed the deal. This decision changed my life.”
Similar success stories abound, with Julia Hanard, a former bartender at Pearl & Co, transitioning to become an associate developer at REA Group. Reflecting on her experience, Hanard said, “I wanted more from my career and desired to become a full stack developer. Le Wagon’s short and intensive program seemed perfect for me. The reviews were too good to ignore, so I took the leap. Not only did I learn to code, but I also built valuable connections, had fun, gained confidence, and, most importantly, landed my dream job. This decision changed my life.”
Having trained Australian students since 2018, Le Wagon aims to establish itself as a key player in nurturing future talent within New South Wales’ dynamic tech ecosystem. In 2022 alone, Le Wagon’s immersive training courses produced 4,800 graduates across 300 cohorts worldwide, including eight batches from its Melbourne campus.
The new Sydney campus, situated at Tank Stream Labs in the Sydney Startup Hub, will accommodate two classes of students—one specializing in Web Development and the other in Data Analytics. Le Wagon’s offerings cater to individuals seeking a career change, aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch startups, and professionals seeking to upskill within their current organizations.
In collaboration with Tank Stream Labs and Startup&Angels, two prominent tech-focused entrepreneurs, startup, and scale-up communities in Sydney, Le Wagon will provide engaging workshops and founder events. The first event is scheduled for June 29th. Through this partnership, Le Wagon graduates will also have the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience within one of Tank Stream Labs’ rapidly growing tech companies.
The inaugural cohorts of Le Wagon’s Sydney campus will commence in-person training in October this year.

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